this is more dogboy than petplay strictly but you know what fuck it whatever

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dog boy. how does he become dogboy. i cant keep giving these idiots potions but i guess thats what ive been reduced to. lets say that gman turns him into a dog boy. walks thru a portal and comes out in nintendogs but hes the dog and when he comes back out again hes still a little bit dogy. this is fucking stupid

THE TAIL WAGGING im going to pass away . i think he would have such fucking issues with the fact that his tail and ears are expressing his emotions so much......trying to act angry towards benrey but hes given away by his tail wagging like crazy......and he never even knows its happening until somebody points it out

it would be cool if. um. he got a little more into roughhousing and rough play afterward. you know. like a puppy. hes already really handsy......physical.... .okay like the anger turning into somewhat-serious jostling and pushing which turns into roughhousing. its not even horny at first it just gives him the weirdest fucking endorphins. like. its fucking fun man

and by the time theyre roughhousing his tail is wagging furiously and like thumping on the floor when he gets pinned......its about the exhilaration ......he gets this rush from flipping benrey over after hes pinning him, baring his teeth triumphantly

benrey pinning him by his wrists and half-laughing at him like “what the fuck is wrong with you??” and the rest of the science team chimes in like YEAH WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU GUYS WHAT WAS THAT

gordon comes back to himself and turns red immediately and splutters like “i dont know! what - im just - benrey started it!” so like he refuses to do it again but then benrey pushes his buttons and he gets in his face, ears pinned back a bit and shoves him and benreys like its this again huh...

its sooo much fun now that gordons so physically reactive too. what if he manages to get an honest to god growl out of gordon at one point and it makes something ugly twist in benreys gut and he wants to make it happen again

and its probably really gratifying for him to see just how often gordons tail wags when gordon looks at him or snorts at one of his jokes


the duality of their relationship....gordons tail wagging just a bit when hes looking at benrey.....

im thinking about the growling though like...benrey gets fixated on how he fucking sounds, all deep and rumbly and this intensity just focused on benrey only....makes him think about how that would look in other contexts....

benrey riling him up while their roughousing so he can feel that growl travel through his chest and like...getting gordon to that point makes him SO determined to win the "fight” over benrey hes almost a bit out of his mind with it......pins benrey and subconsciously ruts against him a bit as a sign of dominance

prodding gordon further and further and riling him up until gordon pins him to the floor, hard, an arm jammed behind his back and his HEV suit jammed up against benreys ass and rutting subconsciously as gordon. uh. clamps down on the back of his neck and growls

benrey sucks in a rattling gasp and is like “what? ow” in a weirdly shocked yet distanced way

he cant feel where gordons hard b/c of the HEV suit but he can feel the metal awkwardly bumping against his ass Like That. and inwardly benreys on a loop of “what the fuck what the fuck” but not in a bad way in the slightest. just utterly cannot believe this is whats happening, right now, gordon freeman dry humping his ass behind a bunch of crates, not 100 feet from the rest of the science team

gordon snapping out of it and being like...what the fuck am i doing... or....maybe the gasp makes gordon bite down harder in response...not sure

gordon not even realizing hes doing it until that moment is so great....i dont know but....maybe he lets go and pushes off benrey, panting and wild eyed, and the image of benrey on his stomach, his bite mark in his neck, is burned into his brain

he just doesnt say fucking anything and just dips to get jacked off by the suit maybe.... cant stop thinking about how it felt to see benrey with his teeth marks....hates himself for feeling that sick satisfaction in his chest

benrey......touching the back of his neck afterwards, kind of dream-like, both consciously and subconsciously

i like making gordon freeman suffer so i want him to just angrily try to rut against his arm in private later trying desperately to get off thru this stupid busted HEV suit that he cant get out of. pathetic. gordon freeman humping his own fucking arm in a bathroom stall. like a dog

and he thinks about how benrey smelled when he had his teeth clamped on the back of benreys neck, his nose buried right against benreys jaw and neck, smelling the sweat and the hormones and feeling benreys rapid heartbeat, and his whole fucking head throbs with how bad he wants to get off

and he just cant get off....has to deal with going back the team tense and a bit sweaty and just move on when they ask what happened. benrey doesnt say anything just stares at him and gordon cant meet his eyes. gordon tries not to fucking let benrey get under his skin cause i think hes probably mad upset and embarassed that he reverted to his like, more base instincts because of BENREY of all people

but he still thinks about it sometimes and....he tries to distance himself from him but hes still a pretty touchy guy and he finds himself around benrey still. laughing at his jokes and getting in his space once in a while. always pulls himself away when he notices but not before he takes in a deep breath of benreys scent

meanwhile benreys trying to think of how to make gordon do that shit again LOL

before this.....before he tries to stop getting in benreys business and before he even recognizes what hes doing.......he like.....hes so touchy feely that he subconsciously tries to mark benrey a lot. like just doing everything in his power to rub the inside of his wrists somewhere on him. even if its barely gonna do anything b/c of the suit. its just instinct

now he realizes that he was doing that the whole time. Jesus

in the buildup before this he didnt realize that he was doing it........but now he realizes he fucking misses doing that shit and kind of berates himself for doing it in the first what the Normal cant want to fuck him. thats Weird

i dont even know how or why this would happen but i want gordon freeman to lie supine on the ground with his hands up like paws like hes a big pupy looking for tummy rubs OKAY! why am i like this why is this the cutest possible thing for a man to do. i cant even think of a fucking reason why he would do this so im so fucking embarrassed

i want to fucking. i want to rub his fucking tumy and make him pop a boner from it. whatever

i just think it would be cool . To pet his tummy and keep telling him “good boy” in a Certain kind of Tone that just totally fucks him up about it . maybe flushed and tongue starting to wanna hang out of his mouth as he goes from laying flat on his back to kinda twisted to one side, breathing heavy, tail thumping hard against the floor cause hes a big dog so that thing is like a lethal weapon

petting the fuzzy lower belly while hes already hard and needy just to make him whine Very high pitched and desperate-sounding bc its so close to what he wants but that just makes it worse

What if. benrey pinning gordon, maybe scritches behind his ear, as a “joke”, hes a dog haha good boy wants ear scritches?? and gordon immediately squirming and whining. maybe even kicking his leg just a little bit

i think it would be cool for a post-black mesa puby gordon pinned benrey to the floor with his whole body weight and humped the life out of benreys leg while panting and drooling in benreys ear. a total lack of regard for benrey, (of course hes into it tho) just using him like an object thats conveniently there for him to furiously get off on

im thinking.... this happening after a period of prolonged teasing. rubbing his tummy and ignoring his dick

man ok combined with the suit edging.....i also kinda want gordon to sneak off to get off and discover his uh. knot. okay

he sneaks off and if in this situation he can. idk. get at his dick in a bathroom or whatever. and, well, he gets caught up so easily in his head empty instincts mode that when he cums hes kneading that thing for like 2 minutes before he even becomes cognizant enough to notice. and then immediately panics. so idk maybe he cant get at himself for a while, right, so he didnt notice

i just think gordon being in the suit would not let him get at his dick and he would only be able to get off in really convoluted ways so like...he wouldnt fucking Know he had a knot he would just feel a weird pressure at the base that he doesnt know what its about. but he starts getting these fantasies of holding benrey down and staying in him when he comes and he doesnt know where the hell thats coming from.....yet. until after everything is over and he can get out of it, and the first time he jacks off again he realizes HOLY FUCK? like what the hell....but it makes sense in retrospect where those fantasies came from. but hes just super embarassed about those fantasies and pushes them down until benrey comes back into his life and activates him again

in addition to embarassment i think he has a lot of complicated feelings about benrey and definitely feel guilty about wanting to fuck him into the ground and fill him with cum....but GOD if benrey doesnt get to him just as much as he did in black mesa

i think that something like this would be so unplanned and shit but like......theyve probably hung out a few times before this or more like maybe benrey has dropped into his house just to annoy him and gordon finds his ears pricking up when he hears heavy footsteps around his house cause he recognizes them as benreys. idiot

little rush of exhilaration maybe. cause it means theyll spend some time together and he has just all these emotions under his skin when they do. i dont know how this would happen but maybe gordon forgets to keep himself in check when benrey makes him laugh so hard hes snorting and his tail is wagging furiously. benrey tries to touch/catch his tail cause hes kinda curious about it and it never got to mess with it in black mesa. but it turns into roughhousing as gordon shoves him away a little bit but benrey keeps trying to get at it and then get at his ears

“cmon man just let me touch them whats the big deal--” “NO!” but like hes still laughing a bit until they start really getting into it and he gets breathless and a little irritated at having to roll around and try to pin benreys hands to the floor

hell on earth......the way his tails wagging and hes grinning and drooling a little once he gets benrey pinned.......

little triumphant smile when he finally benrey on his stomach and hes subconsciously rutting against benreys ass like in black mesa but hes just not noticing while hes berating benrey for losing

talking right into his ear, and benrey lets out a little gasp when he does a particularly hard thrust and then hes like oh. fuck. he takes in a deep breath and can smell benreys sweat and realizes hes just as horny about this as he is. cant help but bury his face in the back of his neck and lick. and benrey starts pushing back into him and talking the worst dirty talk and it makes him growl right against his neck and put his teeth there again as a warning not to move but benrey doesnt still, he just keeps talking. so gordon bites down, hard, cutting him off mid sentence with a yelp

f. fucking. benrey......arching his back into it.......pressing his hips up as high as theyll go......the angles bro.....the angles

also: gordon popping boners more easily, even when hes just platonically excited w/ benrey. itd be. neat. like the thing about this is just that he got so excited from the wrasslin that he popped a boner

not until benrey started gasping and arching back into him. then hes immediately aware of how this hes already basically in the position in his fantasies hes just rutting against him in the imitation of fucking

gordon getting more frenzied by the little sounds benrey is making as he clamps down on his neck, drool dripping down his chin. benrey braces himself with one hand and gets the other to pull his pants down and then tug on the leg of gordons down a bit because gordon is kind of. not thinking straight right now. gordon gets the message and fumbles with the buttons to get it down and like. it would be fun if benrey prepped himself before this and gordon notices like. you really managed to prep urself this time? god, you really wanted this to happen. but maybe benrey had been doing it the last few times cause gordon would get in his space again sometimes and things were tense

gordon just like bitching at him and getting up in his face and Growling a couple times before while his pants are all tented from the inadvertent excitement boners that he doesnt even realize hes having.....and benrey might not be smart but hes not stupid

theres like a 50% chance theyre gonna fuck at any given time he realizes so like. why not......

even if it doesnt work out in the moment benrey still spends the whole time hopped up on the knowledge that they could have, that he was the little fucking pervert who got himself all prepped just in case gordon decided todays the day hes just gonna mount him, and honestly the way he beats his meat and fucks himself afterwards might be nearly as good as the real deal, just from that little bit of self-inflicted degradation

he really wanted it to happen

maybe gordon ruts a bit against his ass and benrey guides him in and. he makes a deep growling rumble when he bottoms out. benrey feels it through his chest and gets a full body shiver as hes filled. its a tight fit. he starts fucking hard and fast into him while open mouthed panting, he cant keep his face away from the benreys neck, licking up the sweat and burying his face there to breathe in his scent

the fucking . the desperation......every instinct in his body has been telling him to fuck benrey - yes, that benrey, fucking benrey - into the ground for......weeks now? months??

dudes probably tried everything he can think of to overcome it and to think about literally anything else when he gets off but nobody he fucks even comes close to smelling as good as benrey did when gordon had him pinned and gasping and sweating and he could smell the want rolling off him in waves.....and it sucks massive dick and he hates it

hes been driven crazy by this thought for so long.....cant fucking control himself. wh. what if gordon managed to get a hold of a piece of benreys clothes that he left and held it up to his face when he let himself jack off to this particular thought so he could get the scent but it jsut wasnt the same without his warm, panting body below him . he always nuts the hardest when he has it though

sad and pathetic gordon freeman humping his pillow like a dog and whining thinking about fucking benrey. if his past self could see himself like this right now he would be disgusted

now that hes actually doing it hes just out of his goddamn mind. benrey already being ready for him, slick and hot, just letting him push in .....i think he would definitely go insane. dudes never fucked so hard or so mindlessly in his life......for once all the neuroses just fly out the window. overcome by instinct

letting out all these whines and moans, not even caring for how loud hes being... benreys wanted this so fucking bad hes just eating it up, pushing back on him like an animal and getting a power trip that he made gordon this unhinged. him just being utterly shocked when benrey guides him in and he can just bury himself all the way to the hilt so easily and it makes something in his brain snap

gordon doesnt even tell benrey when hes close, benrey can just start to feel his knot swell inside him and how it stretches him a bit past what he prepared for...but he wants it in him so fucking bad, he just lets gordon keep fucking into him

being caught off guard by it but being so turned on by the feeling of it filling him that he lets out this really high, needy sound. which goes straight to gordons dick and he just pushes into him harder and jolts his whole body with it. maybe he h....he bites down on the other side of his neck again and thrusts in one more time before coming deep in him. just shuddering from it, eyes squeezed shut and jaw locked around benrey

benrey just fuckin. face down ass up and arching his back as high as he can

(mumbling very quietly) it might be cool also if. gordon maybe.....started growling some things as he got close. a certain something. a word

you know......just......bent over benreys back......arms wrapped around benreys chest and fingers digging into the soft flesh (maybe even his titties, if youre feeling spicy).......pistoning his hips in staccato bursts while he growls........“mine”. over and over not even realizing hes doing it b/c his brain is so fogged out on the sheer delight of rawing benrey after having thought about it non-stop

(mumbling so quietly im speaking at a pitch below the human hearing threshold) benrey hoarsely saying “m yours, m yours” while hes got one hand jammed underneath himself to tug at his dick is the thing that sets gordon off and makes him come, perhaps. perhaps

and gordon just.....slumps over him, leaning his full body weight on him, panting weakly into his ear while his hips subconsciously rut just a little bit, arms still wrapped around benrey but otherwise as useless as a bump on a log while benreys jerking himself off to the wild new feeling of having that knot stretch him open and tug at him every time gordon shifts his hips

gordon nuts and becomes utterly useless but at least his knots still fat as hell so benreys still got something to work with

i just want to see men acting like animals!!! its about the submission to instinct......the degradation and dehumanization......and also the scent kink its all about the fucking scent kink. its about wanting to huff a guy you pretend you hate like hes a fucking magic marker and its about wanting to make him smell like u

think about......dogboy gordon roughhousing and getting pinned down himself and snapping his teeth up at benrey like joking but not joking. you know

they both start just getting really into roughhousing b/c sometimes gordons brain gets Stressed The Fuck Out by all the added stimulation to the senses of being pupy......theres too many sounds and smells sometimes and it makes him even more neurotic and makes him start acting up and getting irritable and trying to start shit until he exerts himself enough to tire his brain out and make it shut up

maybe even the interim after black mesa but before he runs into benrey again, gordon becomes a fucking hot mess b/c he doesnt know how to deal with it all and the only way he got thru black mesa without his brainstem snapping in half was b/c he and benrey would start shit and start fighting and wrestling and the rest of the science team eventually shrugged and accepted this as a (very weird) part of their life now. he looks like hes one minor inconvenience away from a panic attack and its so sad

any kind of physical exercise would help (he takes up jogging when hes feeling stressed out, which is a lot, and hes gotten some really nice legs by this point) but theres just something different about the roughhousing. its a mental exercise as well as a physical one, so it exhausts his brain more, and unbeknownst to him, he just gets fucking endorphins from the way benrey smells and from being able to mark him with all the up-close physical contact theyre getting. so. hence the wrestling and roughhousing and gordons occasional tendency to just pounce the guy in public and start fighting him with his tail wagging and thumping like crazy

it might be even better if gordon attempts to roughhouse with just about the whole science crew at some point, just for a point of comparison

like.....its usually good, its satisfying, and it wears him out and lets him function like a human being......but theres just something about roughhousing with benrey thats really satisfying and he doesnt have the emotional intelligence to figure out what it is

gordon freeman is an idiot, is what im saying

tommy indulges him and probably lets him win a few times, coomer soundly wins out every time and bubby probably...loses some before getting pissy LOL. i think that its fun for him to get the most Good Feelings out of roughhousing with benrey.....

(he could lick benreys face, too. as a treat)

im obsessed with the way benrey laughs at him and asks “what the fuck is wrong  with you?” in the act 3 commentary and thats the exact kind of vibe im feeling from him about like. everything gordon does in pupymode

gordon probably wouldnt be the “best trained” dog in the world because, well, he doesnt have anyone to make him listen or obey. like, given his need to be in control, he probably thinks hes the leader of the proverbial pack and nobody can tell him what to do. hed probably slip and do quite a few “rude” and obnoxious dog things, including but not limited to being all over benrey

trying to goad him into roughhousing. licking his face. being in his space to the point that it even starts to make benrey raise an eyebrow. inappropriate marking and what have you. and what if benrey is stuck with the task behave...

imagine if you will: benrey realizing he needs to get gordon under control. as much as he likes the attention, its becoming too much. relentless. the tables have been turned and now hes the one thats a little overwhelmed by the situation because, well, gordon is running on pure instinct half the time. making it hard to do things. making it hard to live his life. always in his bubble which was, like, fine at first but now he cant do anything without feeling a wet tongue on his face or having gordon trying to goad him into rough housing

he needs so much attention. Hhs so much energy. its too much.

so he decides hes going to try to “train” gordon to that. benrey trying to assert dominance over gordon, as if he were just a normal dog. and gordon does not take to this very all . this is not how the chain of command works!

consider......benrey, struggling to curb him through praise and admonitions–“good boy,” “bad boy,” tossing him treats if he does something right–is now facing off with gordon, who is both enamored with the attention hes getting but utterly pissed off by the fact that benrey is trying to stop him from doing what he wants. whos the fucking boss here, again?

now gordons the annoying fucker getting up in benreys business all the time and never leaving him alone. he deserves this

theyre basically both unmovable objects and unstoppable forces. benrey is stubborn and isnt going to give up all his sweet PS3 time because gordon wont stop humping his leg, and gordon isnt gonna give up his god-given right to make benrey his personal property. but......benrey isnt completely averse to the idea of being gordons bitch. he just wants to be his bitch on his own terms

so.......he starts redirecting gordons energy towards what HE wants gordon to do.

thats how you handle misbehaving dogs anyway, yknow. you redirect their energy. thats what all those books on dog training say, anyway, and benreys inclined to believe it because hes read it in all two books on the subject hes ever even touched

Sthat means that when gordon starts getting in his space......he starts redirecting him to touch where he wants touched. “good boy.” when gordon starts getting a little rough, he purposefully positions himself so he gets the most out of it. “good boy.” when gordons licking his face, he starts trying to guide that tongue down to his neck......feels better there. “good boy.”

because. yknow. hes not a complete idiot. he and gordon both know this is like......insanely sexually charged at this point. and gordon......gordon can bend his behaviors a little bit if he still gets to do what he wants (in a way), and benrey still gets to be fondled and manhandled. its a win-win!

“but hes still in benreys space all the time” yeah, but. you know what shuts up gordon real fast? pushing him back down on the other end of the couch and telling him to stay. and if he listens, benrey slowly, carefully hand feeds gordon a treat as a reward.....pushing it into his mouth, making sure it goes all the way in......letting gordon lick the last bits of taste off of his fingers. he usually sits real still after that. “good boy.”

i have a thought thats almost unrelated but im so desperate to give this scenario the proper context

thinking about......gordon getting out of black mesa and hes still dogboy.....and hes attempting to go back to life as normal now that benreys out of his hair for ever but one day his pupy nose catches That Fucking Smell on the air and he realizes that benreys not fucking dead. he thought benrey was fucking dead, b/c he killed him

gordon freeman losing his mind for a solid week or two trying to hunt that smell down (why?? to prove a point?? to try to kill benrey again??? uh huh.) and then when he does hunt benrey down, its like.....well, what was the plan, bud? you found him, and now youre having a staredown outside a 7/11 while benreys frozen halfway through his big gulp

and.....well......he doesnt know exactly what his game plan was, but he does know that benrey cant be trusted as far as you can throw him, and hes not about to let benrey wreak havoc on new mexico if he can help it, so now his new hobby is......tracking benrey across the city to keep an eye on him

and thats how they keep ending up in close proximity

and thats how you start looping in the whole role reversal thing.....suddenly gordons the one that benrey cant shake......hes a bloodhound and hes got the scent

and then they start roughhousing when gordon tackles him to the ground one day to stop him from doing.....something......and gordon snaps being to being a normal person so quickly afterwards that its dizzying. turns out a solid 80% of what he really wanted was a sparring buddy

okay. tangent. you know that thing dogs do where they get REALLY excited and playful when you come home from a long day at work? well im just thinking about. yknow how benrey has a tendency to just, vanish for a while and come back like nothing happened? think itd be cute if he were gone for a particularly long stretch of time before catching up with the science team again and gordon RESPONDS in his typical annoyed, bratty fashion while his body language is saying something completely different

like, you know, tail wagging a hundred miles a minute, ears perked up and attentive, subconsciously getting all up in benreys space

but back to the “good boy” its all fun and games until hes grappling his best friend benrey and hes got benrey in a headlock and hes plastered against benreys back from head to toe and his tails thumping excitedly against the floor and hes panting hot and harsh right against benreys ear and benrey takes that moment, right there, to choke out “good boy”

its half outright horny and half power play b/c benreys banking that either theyre gonna fuck or gordons gonna let go and be like “what the fuck, man” and then benrey can get the drop on him again

the way gordon just goes stiff after he says it.....breath getting shaky.....dick twitching once against benreys ass and the guy can fucking feel it clear as day......Augh

his tail slows.....and then fires right back up again when he tentatively rocks his hips against benreys ass and feels the sound benrey makes more than he hears it......and like for fucks sake theyve been dancing around how horny their roughhousing sessions are for weeks, this guy deserves to finally get his rocks off by dry humping benreys ass while benreys getting spots in his vision from how tightly gordons got his arm wrapped around his neck. he deserves this

gordons free hand slowly opening up and pressing flat against benreys shirt, then crawling under it so that he can feel the bare skin of his stomach......rocking his hips against the dip between benreys cheeks and whimpering when benrey says it again, breathless and hoarse. “good boy.” his tongue poking out to lick a broad, wet stripe up the side of benreys neck to taste the salt and sweat and the hormones, jesus christ, hes never been able to taste if somebodys horny before but its rolling off of him in waves.......and gordons breath comes out so loud and harsh and desperate when benreys leg lifts up a little bit for him to slot his own between them more easily

just mumbling stupid horny shit like “fuck benrey, you taste so good” while his tongue lolls out of his mouth and he licks the curve of benreys ear and rolls benrey onto his stomach b/c something in the back of his brain is whispering to him that it would be a really, really good idea, and hes originally got benrey just crushed flat against the floor with his full body weight but benrey takes a rattling breath and tells him to ease up, get up offa him.....

and gordons confused at this point b/c he was pretty sure this was where this was going, he was being a good boy, but that thought doesnt last very long b/c benreys shuffling into position under him, raising his hips and pushing gordons up with him while his face and torso are flat against the floor, and, Oh. hes. hes doing that. this is what theyre fucking doing now

gordon taking the collar of benreys shirt in his mouth in a crude imitation of scruffing him

every fucking bone in gordons body is telling him to move his hips, fuck benrey stupid, bury himself to the hilt, but he cant do that when theyre both still clothed so he does the next best thing and ruts against benrey like he fucking means it and like if he just tries hard enough, gets enough friction, itll be just like fucking him for real......

hes so dizzied by looping thoughts of he wants this, he wants you to mount him, like youre a filthy fucking animal, arent you? you sick fuck, you wanna mark him and breed him and hed let you, hed beg you for it, look, hes doing it right now and when he comes back down to earth, yeah, benrey is begging right now, isnt he. while hes palming at the front of his sweatpants and whimpering and calling gordon a good boy, attempting to tug his pants down to his knees so gordon can rut against bare flesh, and gordon slows down just enough to let him do it and to fumble open his own zipper to ease some of the agonizing pressure

gordon fumbling his dick out of his underwear to line it up between benreys fat cheeks and god, the feeling of skin against skin is so much fucking better than chafing against his jeans that it makes him growl against benreys neck and benrey cant pump his fucking dick fast enough. hes so encouraging, what with all those little sounds hes making and the way hes arching his back and pressing his hips up as high as theyll go, groaning into the crook of his arm “fuckin, fuck me, bro, j-just like that”

thinking...... they both get so lost in it, they both cant hold back long enough to fuck for real. this is too hot, benrey feels something hot and wet on his ass and gordon is curling into him. benreys never felt so simultaneously turned on and frustrated that hes still empty, hes still gonna have to wait, snd ironically that denial pushes him over too

fuckin. coming on his ass b/c gordons so frantic and desperate that he cant wait...... but seeing his cum all over benreys ass is deeply satisfying in its own way. he smears it deep into benreys skin to mark him like that

and like. fucking. huffing and burying his nose into the crook of benreys thighs b/c he smells so intensely like sex and sweat and it makes gordon lightheaded

maybe he starts licking there before he gets up to his dick. its not like hes dragging it out really so its not long but benreys gaping like a fish. hes trying to say something sorta but he cant get any words out and isnt even sure what he himself is trying to say

maybe he cant help himself and he just starts licking and biting on impulse b/c its your resident fuckin thigh guy here and i think benrey deserves to get em chomped like a drumstick

and then thats gordons tongue on his dick, bro and this neurotic mf looking so pleased and blissed out as he sloppily licks him all over is a sight he couldnt have even cooked up in his imagination before now

benrey not coherent enough to warn him hes like right there, hes just babbling at the tease of gordons nose and lips like its gonna make him come. and then his tongue darts out and its over, the start of the end and hes spurting all over gordons completely surprised face without even being jerked or licked through it

maybe since gordons been so stressed and keyed up for so long that benrey coming is a surprise but still doesnt shock him enough to clear the cumbrain, so he licks benrey clean after that too

think that benrey massive meat being useless and barely even touched is cool and neat even in the context of him technically being in the higher position of power......then gordon rests his head on benys stomach for a while, feeling very accomplished and tired. hell panic later, dont worry

and im still thinking about. pillow humping/voyeurism

gordon freemans a bad fucking dog and sometimes he cant help himself and just starts rutting into a pillow with his ass up and his face buried in one of benreys undershirts while hes just panting and mumbling shit the whole time about benrey, benrey, benrey, why is he so fucking obsessed with benrey and with thinking about mounting him just like hes doing to his poor abused pillow every week

and. you know. maybe one day......benrey kind of.....catches him in the act. i think that would be cool. just coming home one day and cracking open his bedroom door and seeing gordon freeman on all fours, his teeth sunk deep into one pillow and another pillow between his thighs, desperately fucking it while hes groaning benreys name b/c he sure as shit was not expecting him back that early, which is why his cumbrain made him feel confident enough to crawl into benreys bed and roll around in it and mainline benreys scent from his clothes and nut on his pillow (and then feel fucking bad about it and frantically try to clean it off)

and benrey just slooowly steps back with his heart pounding out of his chest for possibly the first time in his whole life b/c he did not think gordon freeman ever wanted to fuck him, but here he is, using benreys pillow as an imitation of the real thing and jerking off in his bed

just turns right the fuck back around and goes into the bathroom and splashes some water on his face and stares down at his sudden boner


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