macro/micro stripping thing

"hahaha what if benrey could just pose gordon freeman like an action figure when hes so big in xen? and what if he could play.......dress hes a little doll......." - me, clueless

check out Something, Something, Aqua Did A Song About This for a painfully good fic based on this idea

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trying to think. like. how in the world do they get to this point. what in the fuck gets said to make them like "hmm yes benrey is going to dress me up like a little doll now and i am going to allow this"

i feel like its gotta be benreys day hes just free-associating and mumbling shit to himself and he says some inadvertently really horny shit about how being so big was cool b/c he could just shake gordon around like a soda can and dress him up like those lil action figures tommys got (b/c i fully believe that tommy would have a nice but small collection of poseable figures here)

and gordons just sitting there ping-ponging between "confused", "curious", and "a little horny but mad at himself for being a little horny about it"

i want gordon to have some time to think about the idea and really work up a good culturally-christian guilt about the fact that its weirdly appealing to him. just obsessed with gordon freeman jackin it to some weird thoughts and feeling hideously guilty about it after the fact

and then neurotically combing thru his wardrobe later to see if he even has anything worth getting dressed up the point of "dressing up" is to put on something nice, right? but he doesnt actually have a lot of "nice" things. sure, he has like, dress shirts and nice slacks, but hoodies and hawaiian shirts and cargo shorts just do not fit the fucking bill, in his estimation

im making him a cargo shorts guy.

i think it would be really funny if like 3 weeks later he shows up to benreys place with all his best clothes in a duffle bag looking suspicious as all fuck and stammering out that hes down to try That Thing but its been so long that benrey doesnt even remember what the fuck hes talking about

gordon being forced to actually admit, out loud, that yes he was thinking about benrey being huge again and yes he was thinking about the fucking dress up thing and just dying inside when he realizes that not only was benrey just kind of idly saying shit without thinking about it too much, he hasnt thought about it in the interim, like, at all, and his face is just totally blank and clueless the whole time gordons trying to explain this shit to him

its you who is the pervert here mr freeman.

it takes so fucking long for benrey to Get It that gordon just starts being like "okay you know what, fuck it, this is embarrassing, im just gonna go home and we can forget this ever fucking happened" but benreys a nosy (and horny) lil fucker and he starts digging thru the duffle bag and pulling shit out like.......bro was this really what u wanted to get dressed up in? this is some herb shit. gordon didnt even bring his full 3-piece suit b/c he was worried it was gonna get wrinkled or.......worse. now gordons really fucked off and embarrassed and he wants to leave like Right Now but benrey interrupts him like "i can get you way better shit than this. come on, loser" and just opens a random fuckin closet door and, oh, that sure is a portal to xen behind it. and gordons 99% sure hes seen benrey open that door before to a perfectly ordinary closet

and hes not going to get any explanation for this at all

its so fucking funny to me. like yes in theory he has the ability to do a whole lot of reality-bending shit and should probably be the scariest dude imaginable but he only uses them when he feels like it/if it would be funny........and hes just some guy who wants to play games

in my opinion. in my onion. i think it would be very cool if benrey can use his arbitrary reality-bending powers to just........gin up whatever fucking clothing he wants for gordon in xen. like he can just reach into his pockets and pull out anything he wants. like hes a goddamn cartoon character

maybe even in a cute lil wrapped up box b/c im already in this deep and i am 100% out of my fucking mind

The Point Being, he can literally just put gordon in whatever fucking clothes he feels like

and maybe this is even gordons first time having been here in however fucking long its been, probably months, and hes pretty damn worried b/c the last time he was in xen, it did......not go very well. hes acquired a brand new fear of heights from it, maybe. so the first thing they do is like......try to get him accustomed to it......and to being picked up and messed around with by a dude 10x his size

clinging onto benreys fingers for dear life while hes rapid-fire babbling "oh my god do not fucking drop me do not fucking drop me i swear to god" and winching his eyes shut until he feels like hes not gonna freak out and then opening them back up to see benreys face right next to his, inspecting him, and yelping b/c Jesus Christ, Man

i just. i just think its neat. for him to be a little worried. a little Freaked. but slowly getting acclimated to it with benreys help. (although benrey isnt strictly helping, b/c seeing gordon all freaked like this is really enjoyable to him. for normal reasons. and if he accidentally-on-purpose pretends like hes gonna drop gordon just to have him be like "oh my GOD im gonna fucking kill you man" and breathing hard in his hands, well, thats his business)

it is a testament to the strength of whatever interpersonal relationship they have now that when benrey whines "im not gonna hurt you, man", gordon actually kind of believes him. the level of trust he has to put in benreys hands right now to fight thru his trauma response........GOD

this whole fucking thing is an exercise of trust and vulnerability on gordons part and its kind of like pulling teeth for him to be like this and not just shut down like "this is stupid, this is embarrassing, etc".........and i think thats very nice for him. its really not the thing i can imagine them doing straight out of black mesa

when it comes to what benrey actually wants gordon to wear, tho, i think it would be very funny if his limited imagination made the outfits he comes up with, like, fucked up or stupid-looking in some way at first

like you know how if you ask somebody to draw a bicycle from memory, itll probably come out looking severely fucked up compared to the real thing? something like that

i also think it would be really good if......if at first gordons like "okay i guess i should......get this stuff off first" and benrey stops him by grabbing ahold of his arm (and thats a little nerve-wracking, b/c hes so fucking big, he could just squish gordon like a bug if he felt like it, but its a surprisingly gentle touch) and is like.......nah dude let me do it. you wanted me to uhhh......dress you up n stuff. like a doll or whatever. dolls dont move, bro. and gordon turns beet-fucking-red and starts sputtering like "oh my fucking god you dont have to say it like that" and putting on a lot of angry bluster to disguise the fact that benrey saying it Like That made him feel some kind of way

thinking about benreys big fucking clumsy fingers having to carefully thread all the buttons in gordons lil shirt out of their holes is making me go fully insane and apeshit

all the little touches and nudges.....his hands are so big that its just......unavoidable. hes having to be fully fucking manhandled for benrey just to get him out of this stupid shirt and its making his breathing go shallow already

and. oh my god. getting his shirt off and having to.......undo gordons sos tressed out why is this a thing for me now. gordon desperately thinking "dont pop a boner dont pop a boner" while benreys thumbing the button on his jeans

got a horrible brainworm and now i cant stop thinking about how...later...when things have heated up a bit and gordon is obviously having a boner he tries SO HARD to keep still and pliant enough to be dressed but its so difficult because feeling the fabric move over his thighs and chest and having benreys hands touching him all over is making him want to get friction so fucking badly

like.......god.......gordon furiously thinking about baseball manages to keep his boner at just half-hard but its so, so fucking difficult. hes just being maneuvered around, touched all over by those big, warm, rough hands, having his jeans pulled off of him without his even having to lift his hips encouragingly to help......and benreys not even trying to get him off right now. hes barely thinking about it. hes literally just undressing him like he would any other action figure, if he was so inclined. and then suddenly hes got gordon in his hand in nothing but boxer-briefs and gordons kind of crossing his arms over himself like "uhhh okay great. can we get to putting the clothes back on maybe" b/c hes flushed all the way down to his chest and its fucking embarrassing

benreys eyes are so BIG and he swears benrey can see every sick thought on his head. he feels completely on display and laid bare and its electric

and i think it would be really nice if he did put gordon into a nice 3 piece suit......a lot nicer than the one hes got at home, once benrey wises up and conjures up something that actually looks nice.......and being the subject of benreys intense focus as he carefully slides on the dress shirt and the vest and pulls those slacks alllll the way up on him and loops the belt thru the holes........its like ritual, almost, making sure hes all done up nice and nothing looks sloppy

i like to imagine that the whole process of dressing pushes him too far and no matter how much he tries hes fully hard by the end of it as benrey is buckling the belt. benrey obvs must have noticed by now but hes not saying anything, just kept on dressing him even if he had to brush over his dick and gordon had to suppress his sounds when it happened

by the time hes finished gordon is like sweating a bit, trying not to move his hips, fully red in the face and benreys like "huh...did a pretty good job.." turning him this way and that to see his work

having to. uh. pull the zipper up over gordons boner........while gordon claps a hand over his fucking mouth to keep quiet........and he gets bullied again a little like "youre not doin a very good job of this.....uhhh.......doll thing, movin around like that"

makes gordon get crazy horny at being moved and positioned like that. maybe benrey does things like bend his knee up to his chest to see the stretch of the fabric, testing his range of motion, and it just puts his boner on full display. just. just being like. "yeah man check this shit out. its quality" and doing it to fucking demonstrate to gordon that its gonna feel nice to move around in.......if benrey ever fuckin felt like letting him

being told he looks good in this stuff in the weird, roundabout way that benreys doing, like hes looking at his handiwork on a doll instead of talking to a real person, is also doing some very fucking weird things to gordons mind. like.......objectified praise kink kind of shit

and benrey could just do this for hours. hes got limitless dress-up ideas at his finger tips.......what ever he thinks of, he can make real and he can make gordon wear it. and. he could. he could pose........gordon..........a little....................

and gordon just kind of rolls with it even though its fucking mortifying b/c benrey is genuinely having fun with this. and its......its kind of novel. kind of cute.

god tho.......the dress . when they get to the dress. i can only imagine that gordon is feeling 200% horny and 200% embarrassed by this point and when benrey pulls it out hes like "what?? thats-- you know, usually girls wear dresses. not me." and benrey just looks at him blankly like "bro what......its clothes" b/c he genuinely does not get the gender distinction

he just thinks it would look really cute on gordon (and hes right) but its not just the dress, man. its the.......everything else hes pulled out with it. the stockings. the garters. the bow to tie up his hair. and......the fuckin panties, man

none of the other outfits hes ginned up have necessitated a change of underwear, but benreys been getting, like, Horny-horny about this, too, and hes starting to drool as hes been changing gordon in and out of these clothes. he really, really likes being in total control of him like this and seeing him squirm and twitch and flush and try desperately not to move too much

putting men into whatever clothes u want and having them turn around for u and bashfully ask your opinion of them is one of the most powerful, subtle aspects of control u can have over them

and hes getting gordon out of those clothes again.......manhandling him again (more than he even strictly needs to at this point......idly rubbing his thumb over gordons stomach just to feel the hair there.......) and getting him down to his underwear again, where gordons fully fucking hard (like he has been for the past hour or so)........and slowly, carefully peeling them off, the waistband catching on the head of gordons dick as he does

while gordon just stares up at him, red and wide-eyed like "whats he gonna do next oh my god im completely fucking naked and hard in front of him and he could just-- just touch me there, if he wanted, oh my god" and benreys looking back at him like he wants to eat him alive

but he doesnt do either of those things.......he just slides those lacy panties up gordons legs and tugs them into place over his boner and stares at him. and when gordons dick twitches in that fucking lacy underwear, he basically wants to die

god. just. benreys breath huffing over him, hot and humid, b/c hes fucking panting as hes pulling on those garters. those stockings. hes so, so fuckin careful, b/c theyre delicate lil things, and he doesnt want them to tear before he gets them onto gordon. and gordon cant stop the weird fucking noises that hes making as benrey fastens those clasps, fingers hot and broad on the inside of his thighs, so close to his dick that his hips jerk instinctively and benrey laughs at him and that rumble is so upclose and personal it makes the hairs on the back of his neck stand up

and then benrey pulls on the dress.........turns him over so he can zip up the back......and gordon ends up with his ass in the air a little as benrey works and this is the most humiliated and vulnerable hes ever felt in his life but he cant stop thinking about how fucking much he wants benrey to do something about this position that hes in

but he doesnt.......he just zips up the dress and rights gordon again and starts pulling his hair back with that nice lil bow.......and when benreys done, he pulls his head back to examine his handiwork and mutters under his breath "whoa......pretty.....nice" and gordon thinks that if he gets any harder from this, hes going to die, right there

and gordon doesnt want to admit that he feels pretty, but........he kind of does. it makes him feel vulnerable. theres an uncharacteristic chill on his legs that makes him shiver. he tugs at the hem of the skirt nervously but benreys not making fun of him - far from it. he looks fuckin hungry for him

and thats when we get to. the whole thing of. benrey spreading his thighs wide open with his fingers. saying hes just tryna get a good look at his work

peeking under his skirt like a fucking pervert and embarrassing the unholy hell out of gordon until hes begging benrey to just fucking touch him already, please, theyve been doing this for hours and hes so so close to touching gordon where he wants to be touched the most

and god. gordon does look good under there. hes leaking clean thru those panties, wet spot plainly obvious, and his dick twitches three times in rapid succession when gordon feels his hot breath down there, too, and he covers his face with his hands because this is fucking agonizing

he made a comment on gordons soaked boxers previously and now hes ask him "already got these dirty too, huh? dirty lil boy?" gordon straight up WHIMPERS

and gordons so fucking lost in the sauce that he just rolls with it, saying cumbrained things like "y-yeah oh my god im your dirty little boy okay just fucking touch me"


and he latches onto it hard cuz, really, gordon is all his. he can do whatever he wants with gordon and gordons just been letting him do it. hell, hes been spreading his legs open wider just for benrey. hes all dressed up in benreys clothes, clothes he picked out just for him. that sense of possessiveness hits him all at fucking once and. yeah. YEAH. he DOES repeat that

the unspoken implication of gordon averting his gaze and asking benrey with voice waving with apprehension.... "....well? do- do i look good?" (for you?)

saying that while. while benreys got. fingers up his skirt. and hes awkwardly trying to pull the hem of it back down b/c hes embarrassed as all hell even though he really wants benrey to keep going

and. benrey short-circuiting for a second before coming back, voice all rough, with "yuhh......yeah. fuck yeah. look so fuckin good for me. lemme get a closer look" and thats when gordons hands deliberately unclench from his skirt and he.......pulls it up a little. for benrey

i. would like. for benrey to spread his legs as far apart as theyll go. with his big fucking fingers. and........lick him through the fuckin lacy underwear

and gordon just fucking yelps. one of gordons more endearing traits is that hes fucking loud, and never more so than here

the face gordon makes while he lifts up the skirt. averting his eyes because he cant bear to look benrey in the eyes for a Second in fear of finding scrutiny. benreys face is massive and he cant bear to see the slightest upturn of his lip that might indicate benrey is laughing at him. that hes being had. he peeks and benreys pupils are massive and he is briefly reminded of a cat, a cat thats eyeing prey

it sounds like a broken record when put in writing but their minds are both CONSTANTLY going "so little...." and "so big...." just both in awe of each other

oh my god. what if he. laid gordon out on the ground with one hand spreading his thighs and the other pinning his torso and he cant fucking move an inch while benrey just. licks a hot stripe up his thigh and toward his dick

he has absolutely no control over this situation and its the hardest hes ever been in his life and his hands are desperately clutching at benreys fingers as he spits out "please"es and "oh my god"s

toy up on his neuroses for once and not even trying. gordon gone a lil dumb? lil dumber little less worried? no pride for the moment.....gordon lifts up his skirt and asks to be played with? 'pretty please?' idk if he could really say smth like that but if he could benrey would fold like a deck of cards. cards that just got punched in the face

im still on the intial dressing part for some reason my brain is just. stuck. like what if hes getting him dressed and gordon finds himself like....weirdly horny over how his arms and legs are being moved around carefully and effortlessly and when hes flipped around maybe for benrey to like zip up the back he squirms a bit so that his dick doesnt touch benreys palm so like..he wont know how hard he is from this. and benreys just like..hold still man wtf, and forcibly presses him flat to his palm with one thumb while the other one gets a hold of the tiny zipper and pulls it up finally. he opens his hand again and is like "ok that wasnt so bad -" but then gordon is like huffing and red, hiding his face in the palm of benreys hand and benrey notices then that he can feel his boner on his palm. ok

gordon clamping his thighs together in embarrassment only to have them pried open by benrey one handed. "nah man - let me get a closer look..."

okay and what if he slides his fingers further up his thighs under the skirt and gordon makes the highest little sound cause hes mortified out of his mind at how intently benrey seems to want to see whats happening to him under there. he cant see himself but he can feel that hes hard and he can feel the heat of benreys fingers like barely any inches from his dick and hes torn between wanting to close them in shame or rut against benreys hand, neither of which he can do cause hes currently being splayed open and held that way

HE FUCKING, KNOWS. he can see him straining against his panties under his skirt and maybe he. maybes hes nice enough to actually get him off this way. im stuck with the idea of keeping the dress on while just sliding one finger under the panties and pulling them off in one easy motion. maybe benrey just....rips the top part of the dress so that his tits are out. the look on his face when he realizes hes half exposed like this but hes still wearing the remnants of the lovely thing he was put into

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