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welcome to bad web site/personal fan shrine. this is where i keep my nice things

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im baaack! and better than ever

firstly...... i only just realized i havent updated my actual gallery in. a year. OOPS!!! you can now see everything from 2023 and also late 2022. hehe

in that vein, ive got some cool pictures for u. ive been doing some art challenges with my friends..... and also been getting really into stone butch benrey . i think he can be matchies with gordon. why wouldnt he? hes just a funny guy in gordons computer. he can have any junk he wants

also ive uploaded chapter 2 of Remote Access, my HLVRAI Extended Universe fic. (please bear with me. i dont know what else to call it when im taking all the post-hlvrai stuff as canon.) chapter 3 is in the works...... but its gonna be Big.

LASTLY. i have a little pet project to share. im a pervert who likes playing with dolls so ive been making dudes kiss in the sims.

happy posting : )


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