cursed texts

fics, rough drafts, essays, self-indulgent AUs... if i wrote it u will find it here

all works in reverse chronological order unless otherwise specified. (that means newest first!) my personal favorites have little stars next to them. if you're gonna read anything, read those!



Cooperative Game Theory (in progress)

The Best-Laid Plans (freemind/barmey)

Present Tense (freehoun)

String Theory

Rough Trade

Stress-Strain Relationship

The Squeeze Play

One-Sided Limit

Pavlovian Reflex

Tensile Strength

Autonomous Sweet Mesa Response


bath time RP (co-op game theory)

essays and misc

They Actually Like Each Other, And Gordon Freeman Is Just Kind Of A Dick*

tommy characterization

benrey motivations

some thoughts on frenrey relationship

character notes

fic ideas/AUs

wrestling AU

venom AU

huge document of scraps and ideas from the past year

trans male reader/gordon

freehoun bathroom control

freehoun petplay

dogboy gordon marking his territory

showdog dogboy gordon

frenrey macro/micro

crossover: HL gordon/VR gordon/benrey

crossover: HL gordon/VR gordon

benrey tentacle dick + heat tropes

catboy maid benrey

catboy benrey petplay

football AU (watersports edition)

benrey omorashi

what if benrey crawled inside his suit and wore him like a puppet?

werewolf AU

vampire AU

payday stream bank heist

trans benrey facefuck indulgence

gordon freeman omorashi

frenrey petplay pt. 1

fic drafts

String Theory: rough draft

Rough Trade: rough draft

Stress-Strain Relationship: rough draft

The Squeeze Play: rough draft

One-Sided Limit: rough draft

Pavlovian Reflex: rough draft

Tensile Strength: rough draft

ASMR: rough draft