werewolf AU

the one where benrey's a werewolf and fucks gordon like an animal. it's knotting and lots of cum, what else

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i just think about surprise knot and smile contentedly. the shock and anxiety and eventual heart-racing, full body flush of arousal as hes like "oh my god benrey what the fuck what the fuck and benrey’s just like uhhhhh oops lol

and benrey's pumped him full of cum like he’s a goddamn turkey baster but gordon hasn’t gotten off yet and he feels impossibly full of benrey's goddamn werewolf knot what the fuck and benrey just. grabs him and holds him real fuckin close and rocks his hips even though he can barely actually move. but that small rocking motion is enough for gordon's dick to get rock hard again and to get him gagging for it

just. him babbling like "what the fuck oh my god" and being unable to control how goddamn vocal he's being because he’s never had anything this big in him before and he can feel all that cum inside him and this is the strangest thing he’s ever felt in his life, but he can feel benrey all around him with his arms wrapped tight and pressing gordon's back to his front and practically crushing him down to the bed (or whatever surface) and just, inside and out, it’s benrey, benrey, benrey

honestly i think all of this would be extra funny if he wasn’t even a werewolf. if benrey was just an ordinary guy/eldritch entity but he decides to knot in gordon for literally no fucking reason other than "he thought it would be funny"

i just love the horny babbling and being unable to control whatever comes out of their fuckin mouth

and you know… what if… he came untouched just from the sheer overwhelmingness of being surrounded, being crushed into the mattress, being filled and rocked into and his dick’s grinding into the sheets and that’s all the stimulation gordon gets but it’s all he needs b/c what really does it is benrey panting in his ear, growling a little, saliva dripping from his teeth (b/c benrey's overstimulated as fuck right now but he would do fuckin anything to make gordon keep babbling like that and scrabbling at his arms and begging him to move, fuck him properly, jesus)

(mumbling way too close to the microphone) gordon freeman’s latent breeding kink, huh. just… the male fantasy of being pumped full of cum by a huge animalistic son of a bitch, more than anything else. thats what i’m rotating in my mind

i don’t even know where specifically the trope of werewolves having a bunch of cum comes from but i fuckin live for it… and i also live for the thought of gordon having no idea it’s going to be Like That until it’s happening, and it’s happening, and it keeps happening and it keeps shocking him just how much benrey keeps twitching inside him and how much he keeps going. maybe while benrey's growling and biting at the back of his neck for good measure,

so. the thing where a dude pulls out and he spreads the other guy’s hole open and watches the cum leak out. okay,

that + the utter humiliation of gordon being supremely fucked out and boneless and benrey just starts doing this shit and he’s like "what the fuck, what, that’s gross, you cant just, fucking, what"

he’s convinced its the grossest shit imaginable and that’s why its so humiliating that A) benrey's super into it, and B) so is he

the words fly out of his mouth "dude don’t look at my hole!" and benrey starts cracking the fuck up

this is only vaguely related but. but. i do be thinking a lot about the mating… press… especially if it’s like. from behind

consider. gordon being completely caught off guard by it. gordon was hard before, obviously, he was getting fucked, but the mental stimulation mixed with the physical of being so full of benrey. drives him insane. nd benrey pulls out before gordon can get off, and benrey watching gordon go completely out of his mind underneath him. gordon mumbling horrible, nasty shit because his mental filter is smashed like "hoohhfuck 'm so full, so full…" "pumped me like a toy, holy fuck," and furiously jerking himself off and nutting the hardest he ever has under benrey, who was too stunned to move this whole time. he's never seen gordon more whored out before but Here They Are,

gordon having the best nut of his life merely from jerking off to the feeling of his ass stuffed with obscene amounts of cum is cool and neat

thinking about him fucking literally not being able to walk after that. hes like a baby deer. gets up and fucking collapses and… needs to be… p… picked up

and look ok i love gordon being way fucking taller than benrey so it’s an added level of humiliation when this dude a half foot shorter than him just picks up his lanky ass like it's nothing

just. let benrey be animalistic when he’s werewolf and topping the unholy hell out of gordon. as a treat. teeth bared… drooling… eyes wild… pressing him into the fucking ground and rutting into him like he’s some base fucking creature and digging claws into everything he can reach and pulling out once he’s finished and smearing his cum into gordon's skin to mark him,

all of gordon's mental facilities are shut off and he's getting the neuroticism fucked COMPLETELY out of him, saying every obscene thing that comes to his mind

benrey channeling all his failed passes at gordon into this moment, right now he doesn't have to hold ANYTHING back. all he has to do rn is EXACTLY what he's wanted to do to gordon this entire time. which is fuck him within an inch of his life

benrey trying his hardest to mark gordon and claim him in every possible way b/c he doesn’t know if hes gonna get a second chance at this shit. biting him all over and sucking marks into his skin. scenting him by rubbing his face into gordon's neck, his stomach, the backs of his fucking knees, everywhere. pumping him full of an obscene amount of cum and knotting in him to keep him tied there and rubbing his fuckin spunk into as much of gordon's skin as he can get away with and just making sure that any other fucker with a werewolf’s nose can smell benrey all over him in every single way, inside and out

it’s equal parts trying to mark gordon as his and also participation in esoteric ritual, leaving indicators of how badly he wants gordon and rubbing them into his skin in the hopes that it’ll transfer those feelings, somehow, and make gordon want to do it again, like some kind of sympathetic magic

(not that he needs it. gordon's been fucked so good and hard there’s no way he’d wanna fuck anybody else after that.)

gordon's just completely cumbrained and babbling every filthy thing he can think of, and, well, benrey actually wasn’t, like, planning on it, but when he’s talking like that its like a positive feedback loop that gets benrey to say shit about how hes gonna make gordon his, gonna make him scream, ruin him for everybody else, gonna fuckin fill him up and breed him and it just makes gordon so much worse

i’m a sucker for gordon not being exceptionally vocal, just, like, average… until he’s getting fucked in the ass, at which point he just cannot stop anything from coming out of his mouth

just like. that thing about dudes who aren’t otherwise very vocal until they try receiving anal for the first time and they get Loud. b/c its fucking real

also. the claws. don’t make for very good fingering. so if they wanna do this gordon's gonna have to do it himself. while being painfully embarrassed b/c benrey's fucking watching him the entire time, just, like, agog. like "don’t fucking watch me, that’s, that’s fucking embarrassing, man" as if that even makes sense when the explicit goal is for him to get benrey's dick in his ass anyway

i just think it’s neat that gordon can feel benrey’s entire body tense up on top of him and benrey presses his weight down more to get as deep as possible y’know?

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