payday stream bank heist

benrey gets his mouth fingerfucked and i reveal a mild fixation on the nitrile gloves

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after benrey shows up its him and gordon split up from the rest of them and theyre being pursued by cops and gordon spots a very narrow corridor/alleyway/passage/fucking whatever and yoinks benrey in there with him to hide……. and he covers benreys mouth instinctively to get him to shut up and hes got the gloves on.

and hes got long fingers pressed up tight against benreys mouth and when benrey instinctively opens his mouth a little  to breathe, they get pressed in a little bit…….against his lips and teeth…….and they have such a distinctive clinical smell and gordons got his other arm wrapped around his waist and theyre pressed so closely against each other in the confined space and benreys got his back to gordons chest…… 

he licks gordons fingers out of sheer irritation/wanting to turn the tables a little and get gordon off of him b/c hes having a Fucking Reaction. maybe combined with a little bit of gordon hissing something mean/irritated right up close next to his ear

benrey, muffled: MMMFPGPHPG
gordon, whispering directly into his ear: shut up shut up shut up theyre going to fucking find us
benrey: (boner)

just thinking it would be cool and good and fun for gordon to irritatedly fingerfuck benreys mouth with a nitrile gloved hand in a cramped dark alleyway

ACTUALLY WAS LITERALLY JUST THINKING “okay but also what if they both just have to awkwardly part with the brand new knowledge that benrey was super fucking horny for it”. gordons never seen him that flushed and sweaty before in his fucking life and hes pretty fucking sure that was an honest to god boner

benrey awkwardly adjusting his pants and powerwalking away like "dont FUCKING talk to m–”

afterwards maybe gordon notices that whenever hes talking, benreys not really looking at him. hes looking at gordons hands. gordon starts moving his hands more vigorously and exaggeratedly just to check, and, yep. thats exactly whats fucking going on, isnt it

telling benrey to shut up and be fucking quiet while hes doing it but it has sort of the opposite effect. “if i add more fingers maybe he’ll finally shut up–

gordon grateful for his HEV suit b/c hes hard as a fucking rock from this and he doesnt want benrey to know how much hes getting off on this too. Anyway i was definitely watching the stream

corollary thought: gordon said just a moment ago that this HEV suit is different……..gordon frustration moment where he expects the suit to jack him off and relieve his tension, but……it doesnt

hes never wanted to be out of this suit and pressing his dick up against benreys ass so bad in his fucking life

and maybe he gets frustrated enough to push a little harder……fuck benreys mouth with more energy and less worry about whether or not benreys gonna gag…….press him up against the wall hard enough to be uncomfortable, maybe even ache a little in theory, but it all just gets benrey hotter and makes him louder and he cannot believe all of this shit is just getting benrey off more and theres nothing he can do about it

what if benrey came solely from getting his mouth fucked haha jk unless ……. thinking about it being some specific thing that gordon mutters into his ear that gets him off at last. i dont know what exactly. but.

he pulls back and benreys more of a fucking mess than hes ever seen before and its so obvious that hes essentially a step removed from having just fucked benrey silly in an alleyway and it stresses him out so badly that now gordons the one angrily powerwalking away with a boner

its painfully obvious to the rest of the science crew that theres something up with gordon now b/c hes super stressed out and irritable and snappy and gordons paranoid that they can tell theres something weird going on with benrey, too, but actually benrey just simps like that all the fucking time and they cant tell the difference between “benrey fucked stupid” and “benrey regular stupid”

gordon keeps getting into dangerous situations b/c he just keeps zoning out thinking about those sounds benrey was making and the feeling of his tongue all hot and wet against the material of his gloves and the look of his face all flushed and sweaty and the spit dripping from his mouth afterwards and then he almost gets shot b/c hes too fucking horny

benrey cackling and grinning at him later as he saves his ass and it just makes gordon fucking woozy with it

imagine the most awkward interaction in the world here: “darnold……youre a doctor. if i have a boner for more than 4 hours i should see a doctor. right”

darnold: what in the fuck, gordon 

hes not going to ask. he doesnt want to have this conversation. hes not even that kind of fucking doctor and gordon knows this, ordinarily, but he hasnt had blood flow to his brain in over 4 hours. dude desperately needs to just sneak off to a bathroom and jack off to get his mind right again

this is just gross for no reason but consider this: gordon coming all over his hand and he hurriedly tucks himself back into his suit but when he gets out of the stall he still looks freshly fucked and like a total mess and benreys eyes beeline to the cum on his gloved hand and he. and he


gordons fingers

in his mouth.

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