trans benrey facefuck indulgence

the one in which benrey is trans and fucks gordon's face within an inch of his life. that's all

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its their first time doin the do. gordons never really been with a guy like him (or with guys in general), but benreys junk cant be that hard to work with, right? its kind of familiar. just… bigger. honestly, theres something really hot about it. when gordon gets himself into position to suck the living daylights outta him, he can see it twitch and grow, and, like, he’d never thought about that in particular being something he’s hot for, but, well. you learn something new every day

gordons very hesitant at first. he really doesnt wanna screw this up. so he starts off slow, first gently stroking the hood with his thumb, then hooking his other arm around benreys leg to grab at his upper thigh. then when benrey bitches at him (”take a picture, itll last longer”), he finally gives it a tentative lick along its length. the shuddering breath benrey lets out is gratifying.

he tastes pretty good, gordon realizes. it’s a little muskier than what he expected, but still. gordon does it again, and then again, not terribly experimental in his technique while he’s getting his bearings. it still gets benrey to breathe heavier and to thread a hand through gordons hair. god, its big, bigger than anybody elses junk gordons had in his mouth before, and theres something bizarrely satisfying about taking benreys dick into his mouth and letting it back out with a quiet pop. never really able to do that kind of thing before.

“yeah, fuckin, suck it, bro,” benrey gasps out, and, well, he knows best, right? so gordon repeats it, sucking benreys dick properly and feeling the way it pulses against his tongue. that hand in his hair tightens. he alternates what hes doing, and he grows bolder as he does, worrying slightly less (but, you know, still worrying) about how loud and embarrassing all those wet noises are. and about just how messy hes being. its not all just his spit, gordon realizes belatedly - benreys really fucking wet, just from this. its clinging to his mouth and chin and probably making his goatee a mess.

experimentally, he flicks his tongue across the tip, and benreys legs jerk like hes been shocked. whoa. gordon does it again, just to see if itll happen again. and it does, consistently.


“dont… ughhh, dont ‘whoa’ me, man, knock that shit off. ‘m sensitive,” benrey mumbles in between ragged breaths. good to know.

gordon stops fucking with him quite so much, but if hes being honest, its… really fucking cute to see him twitch and gasp like that. “cute” isnt a word he thought hed ever apply to benrey, but it keeps sneaking up on him, even now, when benreys got his thighs spread open wide for him. every once in awhile, he does it again, and the power that rushes to his head when benrey jerks like that is dizzying.

he might not be totally solid on what hes doing here, but if theres one thing hes good at, its using the scientific method. thats to say, hes good at paying attention and figuring out what works and what doesnt. and its not like he hasnt done this before. once he feels like hes got a good handle on it, gordon drags his mouth away to trail it up the inside of benreys thigh and press his lips into the crease where it meets his body. theyre solid and broad and theyre nice to get his mouth on, alright. its not any deeper than that.

“hey man, can i uhh,” he starts, then curls up his index and middle fingers in a crude gesture. seems wiser than trying to use words. (hes not even sure what the right words to use for benrey are, and now feels like the wrong time to ask.) and when benrey nods hurriedly in affirmation, gordons hand starts to tremble in anticipation. he didnt expect to get this far.

gordons got hands appropriately sized for a guy whos like 6’2”, and fingers to match. he intends to start with just one, but, jeez, benreys receptive. thats the most polite way he can think of to put it. so he goes with two instead. hes so fucking slick that they slide in without much resistance, and the noise that benrey makes gets gordons face burning like nothing else. its a tight fit, but not unbearably so for either of them.

then he gets his mouth back on benrey, and that hand in his hair tightens. to be perfectly crude about it, gordon starts eating his pussy like a champ, and he curls his fingers inside benrey while he works them slowly in and out.

“fuuuuck, gordon,” benrey groans at him, and he sounds fucking Wrecked. he bucks his hips in slow, jerky motions. gordons mouth is a little too occupied to respond at the moment. but he cant stop the smirk that spreads on his face when he curls his fingers just right and flicks his tongue on the head and benreys whole body jerks from surprise.

hes really fucking getting into it. power and control give him confidence, and right now, hes playing benrey like a fiddle. his left hand grabs at benreys thigh from underneath and squeezes, hard. his right hand pumps in and out, and while he sucks benreys dick like his life depends on it, gordon adds his ring finger to the party. god, the way benrey moans his name is so fucking good. and the little “please” that slips out of his mouth as gordon does it goes straight to his head. so does the way that benreys tugging at his hair and bucking upward into his mouth.

and then, when benrey starts rambling about just how fuckin close he is, bro, for real, gordon realizes that he can be a little mean. so he stops. he pulls off of benreys dick with another soft pop, and the slick sound his fingers make as he pulls them out is almost embarrassing.

“wha— what the fuck?”

“what?” god, its nice to play stupid like he knows benrey does all the time.

benreys more frustrated than gordons seen him in a long time, and its really basely satisfying. but gordon plays nice and strokes benreys dick idly with his thumb, then goes back for more. its easy to work him back up to full hardness, and benreys thighs are so slick by the time gordon works his fingers back into benrey and fucks him like he means it.

like he wants to do so badly right now - slow, but firm and decisive, snapping into place, steadily picking up the pace until hes got benrey bent double and benreys fingers are clawing deep marks into his shoulderblades and hes howling gordons name, jesus christ. hes so immersed in the fantasy that his hand works faster and faster subconsciously until he comes back down to earth and he realizes that benrey really is getting louder and louder.

“fuck, fuck, fuck me, oh my god,” hes saying, voice rough and whiny and salacious as all hell. god, gordons so hard that it hurts. his hips rut unconsciously into the bedsheets. its of little relief.

sooner rather than later, benreys hips jerk in a familiar way, and he repeats “dont stop” with increasing speed. but this is really, really fucking fun, actually. so gordon stops again. benrey lets out a desperate, agonized groan and bitches him out like nothing else. whys gordon gotta be so fuckin mean to him all the time?

unfortunately, theres only so much benreys gonna let him get away with that game. the third time gordon tries it, benrey snaps. he yanks gordon off of his dick and shoves him onto his back, then clambers over him until hes got his legs straddled over gordons chest.

“you,” he pants, staring down at gordon with wild eyes, “suck, so much, and not even— not even in the good way, fuckin, mean to me, cant get anything i want,” and then hes scooting forward until his thighs frame gordons face. gordon cant do anything but watch, wide-eyed and blindsided by both surprise and overwhelming arousal from this turn of events. “’m gonna— gonna fuck your mouth, bro, youre fuckin mine, gordon,” benrey slurs, and then he grips gordons hair tighter than he ever has before and yanks his head back before he starts making good on that promise.

jesus. benreys thighs feel so fucking good, squeezing around him and so soft and warm, and gordons mouth hangs open as he lets benrey rut into it. all he can do is try to work his tongue while benrey fucking— fucking uses him, rough and desperate. gordons hands reach around to grip at his upper thighs like before, not guiding his movements so much as hanging on for dear life.

theres— theres no reason this should be this hot to him, except it Is, and he feels a little starstruck at the sight of benrey looming over him, broad and shadowy and almost terrifying, saliva dripping down from his sharp teeth while he fucks gordons mouth like nobody else ever has. the low, guttural sounds benreys letting out while he rocks his hips go straight to gordons dick. is he going to die like this? killed by boner too hard? what a way to go.

in the intermittent moments when benrey lifts his hips to look down at gordon, gordon gasps for air like hes drowning. his hairs plastered to his head from sweat. benrey grins down at him, malicious, and grabs at gordons head with both hands when he starts to rut again, pulling his head up off the bed at just the angle that benrey wants. its so hot for benrey to just, fucking, manhandle him like this. both of those hands yanking at his hair hurts, but it hurts so fucking good, and he lets benrey grab and pull and shove him around willingly. his face must be a mess, but he cannot possibly bring himself to care.

finally, benreys movements grow erratic, and he hunches forward while he thrusts. “so, god, so good,” he growls, looking straight down at gordon, and gordons hands clench into his thighs. thats… thats doing something to him. “fuckin good for me, gonna— gonna come, cant stop me this time, gordon, ‘m gonna, take what i fuckin want, cant stop me—”

gordon nods as fast as he can, given the circumstances. he wants to see it. he wants to feel it.

and then benreys letting out short, breathless, ragged sounds, picking up in pitch as he grinds down harder and harder and then his thighs clamp around gordons face and his hands yank so fucking hard at gordons hair and hes shouting into the open air, wordless and hoarse. gordon works his tongue along whatever he can reach, flicking at the tip until benreys thighs shake uncontrollably around him and benrey releases his grip and mumbles at him to stop.

benrey clambers back off of him, and actually, its his whole body thats trembling. he sloughs off to the side and slumps over, lying on his side next to gordon with his eyes winched shut. gordon wipes his face with a hand - and, yeah, wow - and turns a little to face him.

theres a long moment where the only sound is both of their heavy breathing, and then gordon says, “wow. uh. that was—”

“dont fuckin say anything, man, dont—”

“it was fucking awesome,” he blurts out. “uh. when can we do it again?”

benrey slugs him on the shoulder weakly, all his energy drained, and it shocks gordon into laughter. its not like it was a joke, he thinks. hes— hes shocked by just how much he liked it. and moderately embarrassed. but still. he would let benrey do it again in a heartbeat.

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