reader insert/gordon

here is: an explicitly trans male reader fucking gordon 'hlvrai' freeman in the ass. the premise: gordon visiting a gay bar and getting picked up, taken home, and railed in the ass for the first time. and he fuckin loves it

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my beef with stuff like reader inserts is A) how many of them dont reflect my experience and B) how many of them posit themselves as being gender-neutral when they are anything but. so. i want to do one where you are explicitly a trans guy that fucks gordon freeman in the ass.....and i was thinking like.....whats the antithesis of all these reskinned heterosexual erotica pieces. okay. cruisin for tail at a gay bar.

and i think it would be really cute for gordon to be, like. "exploring himself". nervously going to a gay bar by himself "just to see what its like, okay" and sipping exactly 1 drink by himself and leaving.............except in comes you, the trans reader cruisin for tail

and it starts with you scanning the bar while leaning against the wall, seeing if anybodys looking your way......flagging yellow......and you see this awkward, lanky, kind of stuffy-dressing guy, nursing a long island with a cocktail umbrella in it like itll help him fit in. eyes nervously darting around the room. clearly he doesnt come here often. and youre about to move on when he looks back at you. holds your gaze like a deer in the headlights. good enough invitation as any to approach him and ask to buy him a drink......after all, he might look like a nerd, but hes a cute nerd. got a nice tied back......looks like he keeps himself pretty fit if those legs are any indication. and the way he flushes up to his ears when you lightly rest your fingers on the outside of his hip doesnt hurt either

and, yeah, hes also a fucking nerd who awkwardly brings up his streaming career aspirations when you ask what he does, leaving you to smile painedly and wait for him to recover his dignity, but hes so responsive to flirtation that you push thru it anyway. it wouldnt be the first time youve politely listened to somebody talk about the dumbest shit imaginable for a piece of ass later. the way he smiles and laughs nervously when you tell him that he looks like hes fit (and stammers when you ask if hes flexible, too) makes up for it. hes awkward and nervous but clearly incredibly game for positive attention, and hes practically eating out of your hand

then theres a lull in the conversation, and its the perfect opportunity to say, hey, i gotta hit the restroom. come with me? and hes confused, b/c why would he want to? but hes also acquiescent, b/c in his eyes a hot dude just came up and started flirting with him out of fucking nowhere (he doesnt know about signalling interest by holding eye contact) and it seems like hes interested. in him. hes not gonna look a gift horse in the mouth. but when he gets in there and looks around and sees another pair of men in here for the same purpose as you - some good old fashioned watersports - he freezes and runs his mouth like "are they allowed to do that?!" and other embarrassed/embarrassing things

so you gesture to the yellow handkerchief tucked in your pocket - left side, the dominant one, the guy who wants gordon to get on his knees in a dingy public restroom - and ask what he thought it meant. he had no fucking idea. and hes all embarrassed now, the other guys are watching him have a weird closeted breakdown, so you shepherd him out like "hey, man, its cool. now you know. you wanna come back to my place instead?" and hes so caught unawares by the idea that he blurts out his agreement before the question fully registers in his conscious mind

and thats how you take gordon back to yours (but not before pausing in a dark alley to push him against a wall and kiss him, deep and hungry, feeling his goatee scratch your face as he parts his mouth under yours and gasps and clings to the back of your neck, lifting his leg when you paw at his thigh and whispering "oh jesus christ" in the brief snatches of time he can catch his breath)

and you know what. this is my rollercoaster ride. i get to do what i want. i can have my reader insert go totally everybody who says the only way for trans men to have sex is PIV, i say, suck me. even in the bathroom. totally stealth. realistic STPs make anything possible (tapping the side of my head) i thought ahead, u see

i get to make exactly what i want to see here: clothed grinding with a packer, fingering gordon freeman (with nitrile gloves, naturally. safe sex!), fucking him with a blindfold on him and the lights down low. (stealth, remember. and it makes gordon feel a little kinky and adventurous even though he is just having plain ol anal sex.) making this cute, tall guy wrap his legs around your waist and whimper and ask you to move faster, and touch him a little, please.....

get him to ride your dick and watch as his inhibitions start to melt away, eased by not having to see himself (or anybody else) so that soon youve got him rocking his hips and thrusting shallowly into your hand and leaning back on his arms so he can take you nice it would be to tug his hair free of his ponytail when hes on ur lap. make him blush when u tell him it looks good like that, he must take good care of it......bend his legs back and find his prostate by listening for the classic "wha-a-aaat is THAT", and then jerk him off please please please hes so close......youre gonna give gordon freeman the best possible "first time gay sex" experience he could ask for! and he doesnt deserve it at all but the world is just not fair.

and once you have him wailing and coming in your hands (and god, is he vocal), you grab a bottle of lotion and shove your pants down and rub yourself furiously, rock fucking hard and slick smeared across your inner thighs, and when youre grunting his name and coming hard enough to knock you senseless, you drip some of the lotion onto his back to mimic nutting on him and then you rub it into his skin. mimicry of the act. and then you zip back up, wash up, hide the packer and the strap, and come back out to help him get cleaned up. mans legs are shakin like a baby birds

and you let him sleep in your bed after, b/c hes real fuckin cute when hes sleeping and relaxed and content, and you smoke a cigarette on the balcony before coming back inside and curling up next to him. and when you wake in the morning, hes gone, but he did leave a hastily scribbled note where he thanks you profusely for the good time, he just had to get to work this morning. and also leaves his number for you. just in case, you know.........and thats the idea

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