you know. what if benrey did crawl inside gordon's suit and wear him as a puppet. for laughs

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the fuckin bit in part 3 where coomers like “i could climb inside of your suit and wear you like a puppet” had me like. what??? fuck??? you can do that???? and if he can do that, why cant benrey,

like. man. benrey just being so fuckin mean to him too like “look at you, lil nasty boy, huh? betcha didnt even know you could look like this. since you got that stick in your ass all the time” and really relishing how he can just make gordon take whatever pose he wants, touch him wherever, or even just flat out refuse to until gordon gets over himself and asks him to

latching onto the flimsiest fucking excuse for bodysharing that this series will give me and fucking running with it

so, like, gordons canonically got this whole sad thing about thinking that nobody really likes him and shit, right? dudes got kind of shitty self esteem. he probably doesnt even think that benreys weird come-ons are like, legit.

well what it we extrapolate that to him having bad self esteem about a lot of things. like, you know, how he looks. men really dont get told very often that they look good, and as a proud MIT bitch, its not much of a stretch to think that hes internalized a lot of the nerd dude belief that hes not, like, a chad, therefore nobodys ever gonna really think that hes attractive. and for the most part gordon seems to be a very socially-conscious guy, so hes not, like, full fledged incel about it, but still

anyway, point being: he doesnt get complimented very much, and he assumes its just a joke at his expense when benrey says shit like “likin the view from back here”. so envision with me, if u will, benrey absolutely slutting him the fuck out while hes, and i quote, “wearing him like a puppet”, and twisting him into all kinds of filthy positions and making him suck on his fingers and shit like that and basically forcing gordon to acknowledge that, yeah, he is kind of hot, actually.

really just embarrassing the shit out of him and humiliating him by making gordon watch himself do this stuff while benreys forcing him to keep his eyes open and really look at himself. like how could anyone not wanna fuck that, bro? for an MIT bitch, gordon is stupid as fuck (and he should really take offense to that, but, you know, theres all kinds of wires crossed in his head right now and being demeaned like this is doin it for him.)

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