catboy maid benrey

based off of the comic (you know the one). includes: gordon grinding on benrey in his sleep, and benrey getting his mouth fingered like nothing else

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i think it would be cool, now that we have established that they are cuddlers, they cuddle in fucking bed platonically, okay, these lil bitches, i am going to CRY. ANYWAY. i think it would be cool if their spooning was made way less platonic by gordon having a wet dream (maybe even about benrey, b/c he is fucking whipped) and gripping benrey real tight against him, b/c he is the big goddamn spoon in this scenario, and catboy maid benrey waking up in a daze with gordons arms wrapped around him and gordons hard-on pressed against his ass and gordons breath coming hot and harsh against his ear and benrey has never gone from zero to wide-fucking-awake so fast

im just like ggrrraahhhh going fucking ssj5 thinkin about catboy maid benrey first goin real stiff, because, uhh, this fucking rules? frankly? but he has no idea what to do in this situation. he settles on "pretending like hes still asleep" until gordon mumbles something unintelligible in his ear and grinds on him and, uh, jesus christ, hes trying real fuckin hard to keep it together but he cant help but press his whole body back against gordons and tilt his head back into the crook of gordons neck and pant like a lil bitch. hes living the fucking dream regardless of the outcome

annnnd then gordon slowly starts comin to and realizing where hes at and what hes doing and hes thinking oh my god. oh my god this is the rudest possible thing, this is the worst, im such an asshole abort abort Abort and he starts sayin "oh shit man sorry i was-- i didnt mean to--" and trying to extricate himself and back away all fuckin flustered and dying of embarrassment, but benrey just grabs his arms real fuckin tight and asks "uhhh.......shit bro, keep goin? uhhh, please?" in one of the roughest voices gordons heard out of him

and theres a solid 30 seconds of benrey craning his head back to look at him while the gears are furiously turning in gordons head until he ultimately comes to the conclusion that, uh, yeah, actually, he would like to keep goin. so he tentatively rocks his hips forward again and benrey lets out a Noise and, well, that settles that! so tl;dr sleepy clothed dry humping in bed with gordon being chivalrous and giving benrey the reacharound and maybe even sticking his fingers in benreys mouth and feeling sharp kitty teeth. Im going to drink a pepsi now

thinks about how fuckin righteous it would be if gordon started noticing those lil fangs and being like "haha, what, are those real? theres no way. you didnt have those before" and catboy maid benrey just bares his teeth like "yeah bro theyre real. check em out" and gordon gets up real close and personal to peer at em b/c he has very little concept of "personal space" canonically

but gordons still not totally buying it, so hes like "no way. cmon, open up, i bet theyre like, caps or whatever? probably just halloween teeth." and benrey tries to mumble "what the hell are halloween teeth" b/c thats not what theyre fucking called, but its a little hard with gordons hand on his jaw squeezing just a little bit, just enough to prompt benrey to open his mouth. b/c hes so fuckin handsy that he just does it without thinking about it.

and gordons really inspecting! he pokes a sharp canine with his finger, trying to wiggle it like its fake and itll come loose, but, you know, its the real deal and it doesnt budge. (and, jeez, is it sharp!) he takes his time checking out all of benreys fangs with his fingers, then starts running fingers along his gums, trying to probe for a telltale seam. the whole time gordons like "huh. you must have done a real good job with these" b/c hes stupid and refuses to believe that at one point, benrey had normal human teeth, and now, hes got those sharp, sharp canines like a cat

and the whole time hes also oblivious to the way benreys face is getting redder and hes starting to squirm a little, b/c being manhandled like this is really doin it to him. his breaths coming hotter and faster. hes attempting to say things around gordons fingers like "cmon bro this is stupid" but its halfhearted at best. and then gordons finger swipes a little further, a little deeper, against the back teeth that he has no reason to be checking out in the first place, and its gordon whos starting to go a little red

is this all a really elaborate setup for gordon to accidentally discover that he gets really turned on by pushing benrey around and probing his mouth and for benrey to crawl onto his lap and pant around his hand while gordon fingerfucks his mouth? again? for the 800th time ive written about this? yes it is

the. uhhh. the boner tenting the front of benreys long ass maid skirts as he crawls onto gordons lap and his tongue worms around gordon fingers and the way his tail is twitching and shivering and his eyes are completely fucking blown out .

do you know how fucking hot it would be for gordon to duck his head under those masses of skirts and start mouthing up benreys legs while benrey cant see a goddamn thing hes doing under there and hes kind of losing his fucking mind with anticipation??? blowjobs under the skirts while benrey cant make out whats happening under there and gordon has to rely on the muffled sounds and the way benreys legs are shaking to tell if hes getting it right???? HELLO?????? CAN ANYBODY HEAR ME??? Am i dying

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