tentadick + heat tropes

premise: "what if benrey had a tentacle dick... and he was in heat?"

warning: this contains a lot of the Usual Tropes, but also gender roles/presentation shit and some fucking weird mental talk about pregnancy. (nobody actually gets pregnant in this.) "local transsexual has some intense thoughts about reproduction-based kinks" isn't exactly news but i was really embarrassed about it at the time

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so. heats. a classic fandom trope. i imagine that lots of people have their own spins on how to cram half life funnymen into this trope, but i personally am the biggest fan of "haha funny video game man benrey gets a virus from a sketchy torrent of a meet-n-fuck game and thats why hes Like This suddenly". you cant just be noclippin thru everything in your path, thats how u get viruses: by noclipping through your computer. this is reasonable, to me. anyway all this shit starts happening b/c thats what it was like in that really normal game he downloaded, for regular reasons

thinking about established-relationship frenrey where benrey abruptly stops partaking in any kind of physical affection (not that there would probably be a lot of this initiated by him, compared to touchy-feely gordon). like hes just jerkin away when hes touched, sitting as far away from gordon as he can......and it makes gordon like ???? what the hell, man. then "a few days" of this becomes "a week", and benreys started takin to hiding out in closets and bathrooms and anywhere where its dark and quiet......its the sensitivities, man. too much sensory stimulation. benrey doesnt know why hes goin thru this shit, either.

at the same time, hes kind of taken to like.....nesting in the closet, too. lining the bottom with pillows and gordons shirts and things like that. things that smell like him. gordons been wondering where all his shits been going, and when he opens it up later and sees whatever in the hells going on in there, he picks up all his shit and puts it back and has no idea why benreys like "what the hell, man". (benrey just goes back for more shirts later. he cant win.)

anyway. eventually gordon has had enough of humoring whatever the hell is going on with him, and he just opens up the closet door while benreys curled up in there and takes a seat next to him. (its not, like, a crazy big closet, but its at least enough for them to both sit down in comfortably.) and he tries to get benrey to explain whats up with him, like, is he depressed? they can talk about that, you know, get stuff off his mind, gordon knows a few numbers they could call to find a professional.......and while gordons rattling all that shit off (and benreys frustrated and trying to explain, in his own weird and disjointed way, that Thats Not It), he reaches out and puts a hand on benreys shoulder and benrey moans.


in the darkness and the sensory deprivation of the closet, his minds working enough to handle being touched, and it feels so fucking good he cant restrain himself. oxytocin levels off the fucking charts. so benreys babbling at gordon to put his hand back when he jerks it away, please? keep touching? anywheres fine, hes just melting from even that small amount of human contact, and he needs more. touch his hand, his arm, doesnt matter. hes asking so much and pawing at gordon and its getting really goddamn annoying, frankly, so gordons just like "okay, jeez" and clasps the sides of benreys arms.

benrey shudders, but he doesnt stop asking. hes gotta have more, okay, skin-to-skin stuff? so gordon sighs and moves his hands to frame benreys face and benrey just collapses and leans his full weight on gordon and tries to wrap his arms around him. every square inch of brand-new contact makes benreys mind ping-pong around his skull, and now hes scrabbling for more, pressing himself against gordon in a full-body hug like hes a goddamn barnacle. and hes still mumbling little "please"es and "thank you"s because hes embarrassingly desperate for human touch after a week of hiding himself away from it b/c he thought he was gonna crawl out of his skin when gordon touched him. turns out he just needed Everything Else to be cranked way the hell down

then his hips start rocking, jerky, uncoordinated movements, and gordon feels something wiggling in the front of his pants and hes like "what the hell is that?!" and benreys not totally sure, either, this whole virus thing did something weird to his whole body. so benreys like "uhhh fuck around and find out" to save himself some face. and. huh. maybe he will. since thats where this is going, apparently. heat blooms in gordons face like nothing else.

and. you know. you cant have heat in fiction without those good ol pheromones. so benreys rubbing his face on gordons, rubbing the inside of his wrist on gordons jugular, all purely subconscious shit, and its making gordon feel.......Something.

so gordons affected by the pheromones and shit, right, but it doesnt out-and-out make him horny so much as it activates some weird, protective, possessive reproductive instincts. its strange, but tbh if he wasnt already horny for benrey to some degree it would just make him want to give benrey a hug and swaddle him in blankets. but he is painfully fuckin into benrey (and, admittedly, morbidly curious about whatever in the hell that was wiggling in his pants) so here he is: sliding his hands under the back of benreys shirt to get more skin-to-skin contact, really juicing that oxytocin, and benreys crawling into his lap in the goddamn closet and moaning like nothing else and hes. hes fucking horny!

benreys fuckin dying for the maximum amount of direct contact he can get, so hes burying his face in the crook of gordons neck and his hands are shaking as he tries to unbutton his shirt and hes askin for more, touch him more, cmon man, and he shrugs off his shirt and presses himself flat against gordon and those broad, warm hands against his back are making him lose it. even more so when they slide back to his sides. his hips. hes rocking a little, not quite at a good enough angle to get any relief. its just subconscious.

and then instinct compels him to grab gordons wrist and redirect his hand to his chest and gordon squeezes and benrey lets out a desperate noise. thats-- thats good. thats better than he thought it would be. his chest has never been so fuckin sensitive before but now he feels like hes being shocked a little every time gordon pinches and rolls between his fingers. makes him feel.......weirdly vulnerable. but, like, he trusts gordon, yknow? so its not really a bad feeling. in fact, its kind of.......good.

and, god, its so fucking good that the front of his pants are starting to get soaked from, you know, tentacle fluids or whatever. probably embarrassing, if benrey still had his wits about him, but all he can think about is how bad he wants to be pinned under gordon and fucked into the ground. bred like a fucking animal. (b/c thats the point of a heat, right? the reproduction. never mind the fact that he doesnt currently have any of the bits to actually facilitate that. probably for the best - its better as fantasy.)

tl;dr thats the whole fucking point of all the diseased shit im about to write here. the fantasy of one cis dude attempting to breed another cis dude (albeit one with a glowing tentacle dick) and dirty talking the hell out of benrey while he does it. the pheromones are unlocking this shit inside of gordons head, where hed ordinarily buried it real fuckin deep. hes a pretty socially-conscious guy, and hed repressed a lot of this particular fantasy as just being, like, toxic patriarchal bullshit. the notion of “owning” somebody by coming inside them (and. you know. the obvious natural consequences thereof. its being horny for those Natural Consequences that make him feel that good ol wokeboy guilt) should be beneath him, for gods sake. so gordon pretends hes normal and not weird and never breathes a word of this to anyone.

(except to the pornhub search bar every once in a blue moon, before post-nut clarity sets in and he smacks his hand against his head out of guilt and embarrassment. as if its that fuckin weird to be hot for a pregnant woman. its just biological impulse, dipshit, calm down.)

but, uhh, too bad for gordon, b/c this situation is so far past “normal” that its not even funny. and when hes got his boyfriend sinking down on his dick and demanding to be fucked silly and snapping at gordon to grab him already, squeeze like he fuckin means it, well, that doesnt help. when hes got benreys back pressed against his front and benreys thighs split as wide as theyll go while he rocks on gordons dick, thats worse. (or better?) and when gordons doing as benrey so kindly asks and squeezes his chest and his belly and his thighs and wraps his fingers around the squirming, glowing, dripping-wet tentacle he’s got in place of a dick (and, you know, curiously probes that slick entrance it wriggles out from, earning himself a really encouraging response), it gives him an Image, right? a Thought.

like, no, benreys not a woman - the furthest thing from it, actually - but looking down over benreys shoulder and seeing the broad curve of his stomach obscure his dick tickles the same part of his brain as all those late-night fantasies and gordons fingers clench, hard. he looks - he looks just fucking like all those gross POV pornos gordons burned into his brain, even if hes a lot hairier, and deeper-voiced, and his tits arent quite so big, and hes got a fucking tentacle for a dick, jesus christ.

anyway gordons breathing the fuckin filthiest dirty talk into benreys ear while he fucks upward as good as he can give, hands splayed wide over benreys stomach. talkin about how hes gonna fill benrey with cum, gonna breed him, gonna make him gordons. and benreys so far gone from the other side that he just whimpers and rocks his hips and asks gordon to touch his dick, please, god, hes gonna come if gordon keeps talkin like that. its the pheromones, man. he wants to be bred like they do in all those hentai games, okay? all those bizarre fuckin fantasies, benreys feelin from his end, too.

he Feels it, feels it in the way his stomach feels curiously heavy with each bounce on gordons dick, in the way his whole body burns with heat when gordon grabs his chest and - and manhandles him, god. and benrey comes, abruptly hard, when gordon gets a hand on that tentacle again and curls his fingers around it, stroking and probing his slit. all that spills out of his mouth is gordons name and pleas of “’m yours, ‘m yours, fuckin, make me yours, man”

and gordons dizzy with how turned on by this he is, so it only takes maybe a minute more of pounding benreys ass before he growls “yeah, youre mine” like hes some base fucking creature and spills deep inside of benrey. and its so, so satisfying. he doesnt even pull out, just manhandles benrey around (whos gone totally limp from exhaustion) so they can spoon right there on the floor and gordon can wrap his arms around him like hes a fuckin barnacle.

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