bad dog gordon

you have dogboy gordon, right. you know how dogs mark their territory, right. well. here's that. a bad dog can have a little punishment and humiliation, as a treat

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sighing and already digging my grave thinking about dogboy gordon and perhaps the concept of scent marking. i cant even think of a good enough situation where this would even happen, i think im just ill

mfer is too socially conscious and bathroom shy to entertain this idea!!!!!!! benrey doesnt Smell like him for long enough for his liking and it sits in the very recesses of his mind and he HATES how he thinks that

fucking. fighting with his newfound canine instincts to mark things as his own because they smell too foreign. hes not gonna stoop that low and debase himself like a. like a DOG?? hes still a man bro..... god fighting even HARDER that benrey of all people is somebody he thinks should smell more like gordon than anything else

benrey would make the worst dog trainer hed end up inadvertently rewarding all this bad behavior by being into it

thinking that maybe.. maybe after gordon actually does give into those base instincts like an animal and marks benrey so fucking sloppy its got gordons face burning remembering the very act. at the same time though, he feels so fucking smug about it too. he' got benrey marked as his even though literally nobody else is gonna fucking notice or give a shit cuz they dont have the enhanced dog senses like he does. but that doesnt matter because HE will know. and benreyll know too

but maybe gordon gets a bit too smug about it. he gets bolder. roughhousing without much warning, pouncing on him, and getting allllll up in his space so that benrey has to put his foot down and remind him of who exactly is holding the metaphorical (or physical? haha.....unless?) leash here. anyways im just having thoughts of them having cumbrained struggles on who wants to make whom their bitch here

god im sorry but i cant help but limmylaugh and make gordon suffer and have him snap back from the haze of wrestling and realizing hes made a mess out of both them, their pants wet and kinda getting cold now and he pussies out with his tail between his legs

like. look. ok. consider with me. gordon doesnt just leap straight into pissing on benrey b/c he would probably actually die. but. maybe it starts with something simple and relatively innocuous, like......hes taking a piss while hes out somewhere and hes in a stall and a sudden thought grips him - not one of words so much as instinct. what if he a little to the left. and he does it before he can even really think about it and its.....bizarrely satisfying for reasons he cant really comprehend. until he comes back to himself and hes like "oh my god why did i DO that" and hes disgusted with himself and trying to covertly clean it up and mentally beating himself up the whole way home

congrats bro! you just figured out how to mark your territory and you started with a public bathroom. its yours now, dipshit

doubt he even does a good enough job cleaning it theres probably still some left because hes a fucker that doesnt even wash his hands

the rational part of his brain hates this new development, but a base part of him, the part that wants ownership (and therefore control) over his circumstances is pretty fucking hype

and, you know, hes still a human guy underneath it all! hes better than whatever fucking canine instincts he picked up after being Forcibly Nintendogged. so he tries very hard not to think about it or entertain that thought, b/c thats fucking gross, man, but sometimes he gets......curious. sometimes hes out jogging on the trails to wear out his brain and hes gotta relieve himself and he doesnt bother waiting the 15-20 minutes it would take him to jog back to a restroom and, well, taking a piss behind a bush isnt the weirdest thing in the world. the bizarre satisfaction he gets from marking his territory definitely is, tho

and the more he keeps doing this stuff in relatively innocuous situations, the more his brain gets comfortable with it and the more he starts.....entertaining it. like you said, he likes having control. ownership. he likes having a defined space as his own, where he is in total control of his circumstances. and if marking something brings him a sense of control over it, its gonna feel really fucking good to him, and hes gonna be standing in his bathroom trying not to smack himself in the forehead b/c hes thinking "it wouldnt be so weird just to try it in here. nobodys around. i can clean up after myself like a functioning adult. what would it hurt (other than my fucking ego, clearly)?"

ok. this would take him. being adjusted to this for some time but. well. God ok hes alone on a jog and hes been suppressing this desire for a while now.... to piss of all fours, one leg up. like a real fuckin dog. and hes alone.... so he does. im going to go lay in my grave and hope someone will begin to shovel dirt onto me

and, you know, sure, theres shame and embarrassment when he starts marking every room in the house, and plenty of it, but it feels so fucking satisfying to just do it and get it over with and stop stressing out so badly over a harmless instinct that gordons like "okay! cool. why the fuck didnt i just do this earlier" (its b/c youre neurotic honey)

(him pacing faster and faster around the house like "no one will see. we can try it. No, no we cant. im a man not a beast. well, theres probably dudes that do this.......BUT DO WE WANNA BE ONE OF THOSE DUDES")

pacing around extra desperate like "ugh no i cant, i wont. thats gross. it doesnt matter if anyone sees. right? [squeezing his dick] just. just go to the fuckin bathroom you have in your house, gordon. ok?"

(doesnt go, just walks around the living room 3 or 4 times)

god if he eventually found himself outside. and he did it. and he has to go immediately back inside because hes rock-hard as soon as he's done. IDIOT

convinced hes only hard bc pissing after holding so long felt amazing, not because his head is reeling from stooping to the level of an honest to god dog

also consider: marking benreys dirty laundry on laundry day so he can immediately wash it. the fucking......the gradual transition to marking benreys stuff as his territory.......AUGH

feeling like a sick fuck afterward and nearly having a panic attack as he rushes to get it into the washing machine before benrey notices but being able to sniff out his scent on it afterward, being able to smell that benreys his........AOUGH

it washes out the smell....if youre not a dogy. if you are tho theres still a trace mark, and gordons reminded of that any time he sees benrey in a shirt he marked in secret. thats what gets him thinking oh my god, i wanna mark him now

occassionally stealing one of benreys undershirts and puts it on under his own and just wearing it out for the day hoping to god nobody notices how rumpled his shirt looks bc theres another under there. just really trying to get his scent on it before throwing it back in the wash like he just committed a crime

gordon freeman being snappy and irritable for a whole fucking week b/c hes desperately trying to process this brand new information that A) he wants to mark benreys stuff, B) he just fucking did it instead of being normal and controlling his impulses, C) he really, really likes the feeling of knowing that benreys wearing something marked as belonging to him, and D) hes starting to get that voice whispering in the back of his head again, telling him that it would be really satisfying if he just marked benrey directly and skipped all the fucking rigamarole

just a snippy horny mess cause he cant relieve his impulses in the way he wants, knows hes being a bad dog but he cant stop. dirtying benreys clothes, huffing them, humping his pillows, maybe he even begins to leave evidence on purpose. (except its more like, his cumbrain thinks that idea is amazing. until he comes back to himself 10 minutes later rushing to cover his tracks in a panic.) slowly but surely becoming more base and unhinged until he cant hide it anymore

ok hear me out. what if this crisis was timed so that it started just before their sexual/wrasslin relationship and continued into it, thus having access to laundry

and so one day after they wrestle with the expectation that gordon might get carried away and make it sex and the understanding that that was fine, and he does, and they do. and after they fuck the same horny stupid love-brain that makes him lick benrey clean has him pressed against him still, half awake and blissed out and benrey a puddle under him, and then hey, that strong thigh is between his, and hey, maybe he kinda could stand to go and well. he's been obsessing on it so much lately that in this moment of mindlessness he just sort of does it

right after he pulls out even. not even really a moment of thought there. ok. whatever

and of course IN the moment it feels so good, and the relief of finally doing it feels so much better than that, that hes making all kinds of embarassing noises and maybe nuzzling the back of benreys neck


benrey cuts off gordons apologies when he starts. chuckling a bit. giggling. horny for it mentally, but unable to be physically rn. so thats how his body chooses to gets that across. unfortunately gordon processes this as being laughed at and immediately wants to fucking die

it felt so good that even in his panic afterwards he cant deny to himself that it didnt. and a huge part of that was just the relief of giving in and just finally doing what he wanted to do so bad, which might scare him even more lmao

google doesnt exactly have answers to bringing watersports into a relationship for dogboys specifically. he checked. so it works out

the dude on yahoo answers that said “just piss on him lol” with 5 downvotes was right

now. bear with me here. what if.....benrey found out about the whole "clothes marking" thing. and decided to wear one of the shirts that gordon couldnt quite get the stain out of, and desperately hid in the back of his closet instead of just. throwing it away. like a halfway normal person. the dual humiliation of being found out + smelling their scents mixed together

and he cant even scold benrey about it bc. he was the bad dog who did it. THE LONG ASS SILENCE OF GORDON SWEATING AND if he does anything p much it means having to acknowledge what the hell is happening and that benrey is wearing the. The

im stuck thinking about. the way gordons entire brain just. grinds to a halt. assaulted with a dozen different emotions at once and not able to process any of them so he just stands there with his mouth hanging open and his face turning redder and redder until he eventually manages to squeak out, ".....what are you doing"

benrey not even wavering when he looks him dead on, still grinning like “huh. what am i doing? whats wrong with you?” his grin widening “....just mad i caught you bein bad? did you not wanna get caught, bro?”



ok whatever i dont care anymore i want benrey to hold gordons head down to his soiled boxers and tell him to huff it. since this is what he wanted right? wanted him to smell like his. well you got all day bud. go to town

but gordon was being bad, he can spend all day huffing benrey, but its not like dogs can touch themselves.. he should get off on the couch cushions since he seems to like it so much

benrey smacking his lips and being like "you know uhh.....these were pretty expensive. calvin klein. the thread count on these bad boys......real fuckin, uhh, bad dog. might have to housebreak you" and just really going out of his way to humiliate him

gordon still not able to fully process fucking anything thats being said right now and just. squeaking ineffectually

the imagery of his eyes glossed over drowning in benreys crotch is. cool. pupils dilated and mouth hanging open a little......fingers digging into benreys hips so fucking hard its gonna bruise

like sure yes it smells fucking weird b/c we all know what hes huffing here, but underneath that it smells so potently of him and benrey and benrey being marked as his that hes in a fucking fugue state. hes just high off of this nasty shit...... if you told him this would be going on same time last week he would have kicked you in the nuts

jesus christ i can see it in my minds eye. like. benrey leaning back on the couch with his arms thrown back over the top of it like hes totally casual about this, he could be watching fucking TV right now, but hes got his legs spread open wide so gordon can shuffle between them and bury his face in benreys boxers and hes got a death grip on benreys hips while he does it and when he glances up at benrey, hes still flushed a dark, dark red, and his pupils are dilated to near-total blackness, and his tails wagging lazily behind him and hes groaning and starting to sweat

gordon looking up......and benrey shoving him right back down

the rational part of his brain is yelling all kinda of things thats are too muffled and faraway for him to care abt. just content to be a funy pupy for the time being :) all red-faced and sweaty and dazed as if he's a bitch in heat FUCK THIS

hes not even sucking his dick. just mouthing and nipping and huffing. benreys face looks like he might as well be getting the bj of a lifetime. just so smug, power-tripping on the fact that gordon is on his knees in front of him by his own doing. benrey didnt have to do jack shit to make it happen

jesus and. and. benrey already being half hard by the time gordon buries his face in his junk, just from the thrill of jerking gordon around like this.....thinking about his lil dog fangs and having them graze over benreys clothed bulge and like hes gotta be a lil careful down there, yknow. hes gotta try to be a good dog

for some fucking reason this is more embarrassing to me than literally anything else ive written here. but. gordon lolling his head on benreys thigh and mumbling something under his breath......then burying his head against benreys dick and growling it louder, barely even cognizant that hes doing it b/c hes so hopped up on that scent.......mine, mine

also gordon just. rubbing his face all over every part of benrey he has access to. hes so deep in this headspace. all he wants to do is mark every inch of him. he. he really wants every part of benrey to be his huh? hes just tripping over himself to do whatever he can with his mouth, face, and hands and just touching him all over. opened mouthed sniffing. bye

jesus christ what if he. what if he gets so lost in it he starts trying to crawl on top of benrey, sniffing anywhere he can reach, drooling and licking him and trying to bite while benreys like "whoa, uhh, bad dog. i dont think you get whats happening here bro"

pushing gordon off, “nooo, uhhh (remembering dog commands from his dog training google session) off. leave it.”

but hes a bad trainer, and gordons a bad dog

and so hes gonna push benrey around and shove him down on the couch and bury his nose in benreys stomach hair and feverishly mumble about how hes a bad dog and he did it b/c he wants to make benrey smell like this, like his, so, you know, wont he let him? please?

maybe if benreys feeling nice enough, gordon wont have to get off on the couch cushions alone.....

also consider: benrey scruffing him and pinning him when hes bad to remind him whos the real top dog, here.....horrible trainer, get this mans license REVOKED!!!

i want. i think it would be cool if. they. uhh. if benrey saw an opportunity to be a little stern. shoving gordon harder. telling know......a bad dogs gotta clean up his mess. if he really wants to mark benrey so bad hes gonna have to prove that he can be good.....and he shoves gordons face back down and cants his hips up where his boner is painfully prominent in those nasty boxers and tugs them down over his dick and

well . . if he got gordon to messily, dizzily suck him off in exchange for getting to mark him directly, well. that would be. cool

benrey seeing gordons dick drooling straight through his pants into the couch while he sucks him off. even though hes being bad, hes still so far into the headspace that he legit doesnt register his hands arent paws. so he really hasnt touched himself like benrey said. hes even sucking his dick on all fours, using only his mouth. benreys trying to make this last but jesus. That Is A Lot to take in

gordons not what youd call a terrifically enthusiastic dick sucker normally but right now dudes just fucking gone and its messy and noisy and wet and, god bless him, hes trying so hard to bury it deep in his throat but his mouth can only open so wide and hes not immune to his gag reflex

its gonna be hard to really suck him off well without that leverage so benrey has to. hold his head. and guide him along. struggling to not just start fucking his face like that. its SO fucking hard not to, man. hes on cloud 9 right now having gordon going at him like hes the first meal hes had in days. by god hes starting to buck back and gordon can feel it hitting the back of his throat so hes drooling even more now and trying to swallow around it, gagging for it as benrey starts to really lose it here

gordon letting out a wanton fucking moan when benreys hands grab at his head and slide into his hair and scratch behind his ears.....HIS TAIL STARTING TO WAG WHEN BENREYS STUTTERING OUT THAT HES A GOOD BOY AS HES FUCKING HIS MOUTH. whatever

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