hlvrai character notes

this is a really long (and old) document detailing a bunch of little characterization moments and dialogue that i think is helpful/indicative of their character. plus a bunch of theorizing about little relationship things. its mostly about gordon and benrey for obvious reasons. if u want some help writing these guys, well, here u go

this is just how i interpret things so feel free to take it or leave it. also theres no coomer section b/c he is just a meme guy to me. sorry

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third person used a lot: “nobody likes gordon freeman”. he thinks nobody likes him and he doesn’t have any friends ):
"GORDON FREEMAN GORDON FREEMAN WHAT’S HAPPENING?" is this how he talks himself out of a panic attack?

he likes to do sound effects with his mouth. “pshwhshhshs”
gordon gets stunned into abject silence sometimes and it’s very cute.
his GASP of horror when stong/benrey died…
his voice gets like really ragged and rough when he’s exhausted and it’s kind of (flushed) (flushed)

he’s very touchy-feely. likes to touch faces, hands, shoulders… it’s just how he expresses himself. this probably contributes to benrey getting hot for him - men are touched so rarely by other men, and gordon just… does it. he also really likes trying to wipe people off after getting covered in nasty shit.
you know he really likes cleaning ppl up and feeding them and making sure they’re watered and telling them they did great. i think gordon gets really into aftercare

gordon’s very physically strong. he caught benrey in his arms, and he can smash headcrabs and zombies with ease. he references being a “big guy” a lot, and often gets stuck in things. (he’s also considerably taller than benrey.) also, he’s really shitty at jumping.

g: “i’m tired of people fucking with me today.” he says this, but he gives up and accepts people fucking with him *very* easily.

gordon’s moral compass is a little skewed. he’s worried about people, not so much worried about property damage or stealing. and when he’s stressed out, it’s easy to get him to snap and just start shooting indiscriminately.
gordon Snaps partway thru part one and just starts shooting, all cocky and shit. “KILL!” what if benrey thinks it’s kind of hot? “FUCK YOU!”

gordon’s kind of stupid sometimes. he’s really good at particle physics or whatever, but not, like, “street smarts”. he fails to realize he could just jump through an open window and attempts to open a door that is obv just a flat texture. it gets worse when he’s tired or stressed.

desperation gordon! he sniffles! maybe he’s crying a little! it’s very cute

softie gordon! he thinks the peeper puppy whines are kind of cute. he has moments of openly expressing that things are cute/pleasant throughout the series.

gordon offers to train tommy how to shoot! he likes to train people. show off his expertise. makes him feel smart and in control. also, presumably, he knows how to shoot, despite mostly using his crowbar.

gordon’s so *bossy*. he’s always barking orders but it’s kind of ineffectual. “stop questioning me. stop questioning me.” he sounds so tired. he just wants a modicum of control. he tries to be bossy and stern but he’s just too soft to follow through on it. he likes giving positive reinforcement!
gordon’s very condescending to tommy inadvertently. “come on! come on! you can do it!” like he’s a dog or a small child.
the science crew basically does so much of the fighting for him like a pack of trained dogs. it’s kind of funny how he’s just like “i don’t even have to do anything!”

gordon notices bubby’s big feet? IS HE A FOOT NOTICER? A FOOT GUY?

THEY HAVE TO FEED HIM DRINKS IN THE SUIT B/C HE CAN’T HOLD THE CUP! what if gordon’s just too nervous to hold it without spilling it (instead of, you know, the obvious VR reasons)? i think that would be really cute b/c i’m mean and i like watching him suffer a little

tfw gordon does the cute little pose for the picture in part 1 (:

gordon sounds really cute when he’s sleepy/confused/just waking up… he’s bleary and out of it and probably pretty suggestible.
gordon’s surprised/terrified cackle is SO FUCKING CUTE. so is the way he gets all high-pitched when he’s laughing with surprise.

gordon: “never trust boot boys.” dude hates the military with a passion! good for him

“i’m sane! i’m level-headed!” LMAO sure gordon. the denial is strong

gordon’s excited little “awoo!” when he uses the ropes for the first time :) he’s having so much fun!

“so hard for gordon?” this is horny.

gordon’s gay lil dance in part 2 (:

gordon plucking a cigar off a soldier and taking a big long drag (flushed)

gordon wants to be a fucking streamer? lmfao okay. justin.tv ass

g: “i’m a heavy sleeper and you guys are taking advantage of that.”
g: “are you ever gonna account for my needs? my desires?” he probably wants this *so* badly. he’d like to be taken care of for once. just relinquish control and have everybody take care of shit for him and have everything be okay, instead of a disaster.

g: “i have PTSD. i was about to fuckin’ cry b/c i thought that can was a grenade”
gordon *really* hates all the underwater swimming parts. maybe he’s not crazy about swimming in real life after this, either. he used to swim in highschool!
gordon hates the sound of helicopters and other aerial vehicles by association.

gordon can’t get out of his suit. it’s designed to never come off (supposedly).

gordon when he’s losing it: “don’t look at me. don’t look at me. i’m good. i’m good”

gordon pitiful momence… gordon despair momence… gordon desperation and insanity moments. spiteful gordon moment: “why don’t you cut off the other one too. ha ha.”

climbing inside of gordon’s suit and wearing him like a puppet?! HELLO? is that… possible?

gordon watches DBZ! fucking dork.

gordon starts sadly, tiredly singing when he’s really fucked up. cute…
gordon sings a little when he’s trying to tell coomer not to drink the green goop, too.

HIS SQUEAKY LITTLE LAUGH! THEN HE BURSTS OUT LAUGHING! all of his laughs are just. so great

gordon’s so stressed out that the calming sweet voice barely works on him in part 4 unless benrey pumps out, like, a *lot* of it.

gordon sucks so bad at using ladders LMAO

g: “thank you. i won’t argue” that’s very nice. he acquiesces really easily when people treat him nicely.

gordon is sooo pissy at this point in part 4. “maybe i’ll just take a vow of silence and never say anything again since nobody fucking listens to me!”

g: “doesn’t it feel good to have total control over a situation?” yeah. i bet.

g: “that looks like the wrong kinda hole for gordon!” OKAY,
g: “i can’t fit in the hole! it’s too small for me!” jesus fucking christ.

gordon’s so *bossy*, even with gman! even after gman shoots bubby in cold blood, he still keeps arguing like it’s nothing!


benrey condescending: “i don’t think you know where you’re going. why are you shaking? are you nervous?” “there are a lot of people here that are afraid of you.” “tommy likes mean people.” he and gordon are often catty little bitches to each other.

benrey zoning out then saying “what? sorry i wasn’t listening”. could be genuinely not-listening, with a touch of “doing it just to piss gordon off”.

benrey’s definitely not human. sweet voice + being immune to radiation + shrugging off bullets like it’s nothing + noclipping thru shit very obviously

he set a guy on fire for not having their passport! also he used a BIG fucking gun on that headcrab. he’s capricious and not afraid to go overboard/scare the shit out of gordon.

b: *lip smack* “whu?”

benrey kind of just sits on things when he’s bored. it’s cute. like a cat! he likes to just sing sometimes too :) sometimes it seems like he just uses sweet voice to communicate sometimes instead of talking.

benrey just laughs at being punched into the atmosphere by coomer. so does gordon. clear awareness that he’s not human.

benrey is immune to electricity. so is gordon’s suit.

b: “we’re kinda fucked” (ragdolls instantly)
what if we were trapped in the bottom of a radioactive sludge pit together and we were both boys (flushed)

benrey likes taking pictures of weird shit going on in black mesa, like the big tentacle. later in act 4 he’s also snapping pics. what if he makes a scrapbook of his pictures later? or puts them up on a pinboard? (what if he’s kind of a creep and taking covert shots of gordon? what if that’s, like, his Thing?)
i do feel like he would enjoy taking pics of everything… what a concept… ur memory is shit but you can just take a pic and look at something forever… and he focuses on lots of specific things because, alien fascinated by human shit
benrey takes pics while he’s huge?! wonder what those look like.

the food suit thing. benrey canonically doesn’t understand the concepts of “food” and “eating”

benrey’s gay little “stop please? thank you”. the politeness… the pleading… all the pleases and thank yous are really something.

benrey’s really cute when he says “GOOD MORNING! the sun is shining!” he really cranks it up in part 4.

b: “its fucked up, he lost— he lost his arm ):” he genuinely thinks it’s sad and fucked up! he does care, he just shows it weirdly.

gamer benrey :) he just likes playing games and having fun.

i feel like. honest to god he’s only annoying and shit like half the time, the other half he’s just… meandering around saying cute shit and trying to make gordon laugh

“likin’ the view from back here (:” act 4 really cranks up the gay shit huh.

benrey: “WELCOMEEE! (:”

benrey gets confused why people are dead. he thinks they’re sleeping, or he doesn’t get what happened.

benrey interrupting gman’s time stop and asking a bunch of dumb questions (: he just wants to play games with people but everyone’s so mean to him!

benrey suggests they go all the way back to the beginning and get his ps+ code. seems like he’s trying to put off the final boss battle as long as possible… he tells them to turn around and go back home during the boss fight too ):
like hes aware that the end is coming so hes cranking everything up to 11… maybe if hes really nice and sweet to gordon theyll stop trying to progress and just hang out and be friends. maybe if hes extra annoying and keeps trying to delay them itll work and they wont go to xen
imagine if benrey thinks that this is the last time he’ll see gordon… and then he sees him again in the ACAB stream and he’s so happy! he doesn’t have to be the bad guy!

my guy absolutely has short term memory loss.

i had a friend point out to me a while back that he Lets them win at the end so that they can be the heroes and have fun because he doesnt Actually want to fuck everything up
a big part of it was the uhhhh passport thing cause. they forgot one, or whatever?? so he pulls his out in his hand and is like OHH NOO… ITD BE A SHAME IF YOU SHOT THIS… OH AHHH YOU DID IT… YOU WON…

benrey sitting there the whole time and then speaking up to complain when bubby boasts… lmao. he might be cool with bubby a lot of the time but they’re both a little antagonistic toward each other if they get to be too fucking annoying

something weird is happening to benrey - his DNA is changing, he’s grunting in pain.

benrey: “feel my passport” lmfao

benrey: (whining) “it’s not fair! nooo-uhhhhh!” he’s very whiny sometimes, and it’s really cute.

benrey was waylaying gman’s plans? his true nature is on a “need to know” basis, and gordon freeman does not need to know. much to think about…


benrey feels protective over gordon. he calms down the security guard at the beginning and says he’s gonna protect gordon from him. as much as he likes to cause gordon problems, *he* wants to be the one doing it, and he’ll frequently step in to defend gordon from enemies.
benrey keeps trying to scare gordon (like with the energy balls). he probably gets off on it a little.

g: “fine, i’ll play your fucking game” (((:

b: “you’re not getting rid of me that easy”

gordon catches benrey in his arms in the test chamber (: he’s weirdly concerned about benrey catching diseases… and he was about to do CPR on a guard that he thought was benrey. he also tries to patch up benrey later by feeding him soda. as much as he insists he doesn’t care, he can’t shake that basic instinct to be caring.
gordon defends all of them from the zombies, even benrey! even though benrey has a massive fucking gun!

GORDON KABEDONS BENREY. benrey’s absolutely dazed afterwards.

b: “you’re not very nice.”

g: “i’m… afraid of you, i’m just gonna admit that straight up” to benrey

benrey and gordon making BBBBBB noises at each other in the water and gordon laughing (: they do it seriously every single time, and gordon never seems to laugh when it’s any of the others doing it
gordon lying on the ground in fetal position and laugh-crying and singing along with benrey (:
benrey starts saying some shit and gordon does the tiniest squeakinest “heehee!”
gordon and benrey both making the stupid “nyyuuugghhh” noises at each other until gordon breaks down laughing
gordon seriously laughs at almost everything benrey does. it’s very pronounced compared to how much he laughs at the things everybody else does.


getting stuck in the vents? the dark vents? with benrey? accidental ass touch? squirming and nervousness and anxiety?

benrey’s jealous that gordon’s trying to clean off bubby and not him. gordon seems to really like cleaning people off.

gordon doesn’t remember benrey’s name, like, ever. is it on purpose or nah?

BENREY’S THREATENING VOGUING… “he’s not attracted to you [benrey]!” jealous much

b: “did you just hit me? ):”

g: “what do you want me to do? just lay down and die?”
b: “uhhh yeah”

b: “you gotta stop actin’ up”

gordon yells at benrey for help, and then gets mad and accuses benrey of pushing him off. (benrey didn’t do anything. gordon just slipped. gordon has a habit of taking shit out on him.)

b: “you don’t gotta swear at me man”

what if… benrey taught gordon how to shoot… they’re all clearly better at it than gordon is

god benrey’s ALWAYS like right next to him. up in his face. as close as possible. personal space? what’s that?

at one point gordon just gives up on ordering benrey around and decides to let him suffer the consequences of his own decisions. obvious applications

g to b: “what’s wrong? wait, why am i worried about you?” gay ass

gordon’s sheer excitement at telling benrey to stay behind and benrey’s like “…okay” (: the satisfaction of making gordon that happy by doing something really easy when he’s asked, combined with the bad feelings of nowing that it’s b/c gordon doesn’t want him to follow and basically wants him to leave forever… Complicated

b: “gogogogogogo!” (at gordon) bossy much? benrey wants gordon to listen to him all the time, and not just when it’s conducive to the investigation…
b: “follow me! follow me! follow me little child” to gordon. bossy AND condescending… nice

g: “i think the suit’s been jacking me off or something?”
b: “…nice”

g: “that’s the first time benrey’s called me by name, i think”
b: “yeah so what”
AND EVERYONE TURNS TO LOOK AT BENREY. benrey: haha i will say his name because he said not to [everything backfires]

g: “so is graffiti allowed down here?!”
b: “huh— yeah— no,”
gordon tries so hard to play along with benrey’s rules even when he thinks they’re stupid and he shouldn’t follow them. he must like playing the games to some extent.

g to b: “your voice is beautiful” (flushed) he seems to like benrey’s sweet voice a lot and is caught off guard by it.

thinking about gordon just being worn out and exhausted and his brain’s not firing on all cylinders and it’s just so much easier for him to listen to what benrey tells him and not think about it and let him lead gordon through black mesa… it’s a relief for him not to have to think right now and he gets so stupid when he’s tired that he can’t even argue with it
benrey offhandedly saying "you’re doin a good job man" and it makes gordon feel… weirdly good?

benrey jealous of the security guard when gordon’s talking to him and benrey starts going like “blah blah blah” behind him. maybe even making stupid faces or doing stupid gestures

gordon sadstuck moments: “nobody likes me it’s been like that my whole life ):”
what if… gordon’s convinced that benrey’s just fucking with him by flirting with him so much b/c hes a sad little bitch who’s used to nobody really liking him… the flushed shock on his face when he figures out that, no, he’s like 100% serious and he wants to fucking smash

g: “motherfucker killed BENREY” aww (:
g: “benreEeEy?” gay little benrey yell lmao

g: “that’s actually a really positive outlook! i’m surprised that you put a positive thought in my head” to benrey

FORCIBLE SWEET VOICE. SLURRRRRP. gordon was like. really surprised about it. the shock in his voice… also the like, palpable gurgling? that shit must be weird as hell to experience.

no matter how much gordon hates him, he still doesn’t want benrey to, like, die. (even though benrey basically *can’t* die. the worry is always there.)

b: “gordon you got this” (:

benrey helpful (: he helped with the piston puzzle. he likes being helpful sometimes, but it’s entirely according to his own whims.

gordon literally had like 5 aliens spawn in front of him but didn’t do anything bc he was zoning out/tired… and benrey ran in front of him and started shoving barrels in front of the aliens to block them from getting gordon… (thinks about it)

benrey’s seriously concerned by the arm getting cut off thing… he didn’t know ): and now gordon blames him and him alone for the arm getting cut off but he doesn’t feel the same way about the others going along with it…

["okay but what if that went differently purely for my own specific enjoyment, and benrey goes "youre a lil clumsy boy arentcha?? lost yer little haAnd there didja???" but gordon is fucking fed up with it (and in this instance benrey is smaller. possibly much smaller because i like to think about big strong gordon) and with his one (1) hand grabs a fistful of benreys collar and tie and hoists and slams him rite up against the wall and goes "and you're just a little guy, aren't'cha"]

[my random useless hc that benrey goes mlembmelbmeleh in response to gordon’s (cute wheezy) laugh and 'don’t tell me what i know about suckin buddy' because he sounds entirely too amused and like, not actually bothered by what he just said, and his brain breaks a little at the idea of gordon *liking that* so he just cuts him off with baby sounds as to not further that conversation]

hey so i’ve been thinking about gunplay with the gunhand for over 2 fucking months now and im just saying theres no reason why he couldn’t have feeling in the gunhand
so what if the gunhand gets jammed and benrey’s the only one who gordon feels totally at peace with maybe shooting by accident cuz it’s not like he can die anyway, right? and gordon can’t really fuck with it by himself without violating the first fucking rule of trigger discipline, which is "don’t point guns at anything you don’t want to kill"

“benrey? where are you benrey? come back here benrey” he’s so worried about benrey… he checks up on benrey when he falls into the powerade…

conversely, benrey’s really getting into bullying him in part 4. it’s like both aspects of how he relates to gordon are cranked up to 11 in this one. maybe it’s b/c he knows they’re approaching the end, and he’s trying to wring all he can out of their last interactions before The Boss Fight. or maybe i’m reading too much into it

b: “quit whining buddy”
g: “i’m not whining. tell me that one more time,”


b: “i refuse to talk to you. you’re not my friend anymore we used to be best friends” to gordon

benrey sounds so like… genuinely sad and dejected after gordon gets mad at him. he’s probably really stressed out by all of this. he just wanted to be gordon’s friend, but gordon keeps taking out all his anger on him. and gordon’s mad at him for killing people, but gordon’s killed a bunch of people too. he doesn’t get why the rules are different for gordon or why the rules keep *changing* or why gordon keeps getting mad at him and then laughing at his jokes like it’s nothing. the whiplash is probably hard to deal with and might well contribute to him going Bad-Bad

gordon keeps trying to shittalk benrey to other NPCs and warn them away from him. why is he doing that? what’s his problem? why now, and why not for anybody else? he seemed relatively cool with benrey about the arm thing up until now. maybe the collective stress is getting to him.

gordon’s “whoooa.” when benrey’s big… sounds a little. you know

b: “wanna kiss?” (:

b: “remember those days when we were playing in the sand and the mud… great friends”

b: “hug?”

b: “i can see you wherever you go!” haha nice. this whole scene is really exuding some Vibes
god. he’s SO fucking big.

from benrey’s POV: benrey knew this was gonna happen… gordon makes him angry! he was trying to be nice, but gordon is so mean… benrey was gonna protect him and be nice to him… it was just his job! gordon’s dick was out! it ruined his whole night. gordon forced him to be bad.

gordon: “he likes ps3, and my dick [made him evil].”

sweet voice bondage anyone? in the chair?

benrey’s *really* not malicious in the final fight. he barely fights back, and when he does he treats it like a game - “i’m gonna getcha! whatcha gonna do? nooo come back!” "nooo don't shoot me i have to shoot back"
a lot of his forms seem to be thoughtfully taken to be funny, like "if i make my head really fuckin small it'll make gordon laugh for sure lol"
gordon is literally trying to kill/incapacitate benrey but still laughs at his dumb jokes hes making…
benrey straight up takes out his passport for them so they can win the fight… he’s just holding it out and not doing anything…

benrey offers to show gordon his feet?!

benrey: “bad little boy.” god, he really likes calling gordon a little boy and being demeaning in that specific way.

benrey doesn’t like the locker room b/c it has gordon’s passport in it. if gordon had his passport, benrey would have had no reason to tag along after him, and they wouldn’t have gotten to spend any time together…

benrey keeps peeking at gordon through the door in the locker room and then closing it when he sees gordon looking back at him. shy…


tommy’s new! he likes to read the billboards in the break room. he’s very fast (track runner headcanon? “TOMMY JUMP!” god he jumps fuckin’ far, tho. track star canon). he swears! he’s a fucking adult, okay, and he would like you to remember that.
tommy: “i’m not playing in the water! i’m testing the viscosity!” PLEASE take him seriously gordon
absolutely laughing my ass off at the transition back to "mr. freeman" after gordon’s been fucking talking to him like he’s a dog. the disrespect is reciprocated my good bitch

tommy: “it cant hurt you if youre smart! (:” funnier as a backhanded burn b/c gordons fucking stupid

tommy: “this is all instinct mr. freeman i’m scared ):” his instincts must be pretty good tho - he’s a better shot than gordon, and gordon’s offer to help him learn to shoot is very funny/condescending in retrospect

tommy’s little honk at being grabbed by the barnacles (: it cute

tommy: “they only let me into the scrub lab [instead of the pro lab].” tommy gamer

tommy does a lot of reading! he’s very knowledgeable about construction codes and operations. he also loves the wikipedia - he’s probably a fiend for research and retains a lot of information.

tommy looking at gordon dead in the eyes and saying “you’re always on the… up-swing… mr. freeman.” while pointing a pistol at him. he’s going to fucking kill gordon

“of course i’m not reckless dr. freeman, i only do… what i read in books.”

tommy: “i think we should take him hostage!” OKAY BRO

they tricked tommy into betraying gordon with beyblades ): okay so he *is* a little naive

gordon likes to call him “bud” or “buddy” or just “tommy”. he almost never calls him by his title.

all the coomer clones… tommy kills them, like, effortlessly. he doesn’t *need* gordon to teach him to shoot! “i killed them all! (:”

tommy also offers gordon a soda when he’s hurt. sodas probably make him feel better when he’s hurt (maybe not physically, but mentally).

tommy’s deferential when speaking - he doesn’t like to interrupt.

tommy’s deep voice in part 4… whoa

tommy tries to obey the rules and follow regulations a lot. breaking the rules is baffling to him.

“what are you *talking* about mr. freeman?” LMAO tommy’s fed up with him

tommy’s favorite show is invitation to love! he is an adult, for fuck’s sake.

tommy says they need to understand benrey, not shoot him. ultimately this is the root of why he gets along with benrey even when he’s exposed to the same maliciousness and capriciousness as gordon is - he’s got that fundamental empathy for benrey as a not-quite-human person. he gets some things that gordon doesn’t. maybe he can help them communicate?

tommy wants a shutterstock subscription???
tommy: “you’re more perfect than two mint juleps on a hot summer evening!” my man’s an adult and he drinks! tommy shitfaced!


bubby screams a lot! he’s a big scaredy cat but he goes back to being normal very quickly and pretends like nothing was the matter in the first place. he’s kind of a big baby bitch. also he can use the sweet voice! (so can tommy!) he screams for help at basically the thinnest provocation, even when it’s his own fault he’s in trouble.
oh my god bubby sounds like he’s seriously gonna PUKE every time he gets grabbed by the barnacles it’s SO funny. like he’s getting grabbed by the throat every time.

bubby: “i would never threaten you, gordon. unless you gave me a reason to. (0:”
bubby is nice to everyone except gordon. they all know he’s a bitch. in fact he offers to help somebody completely random, but he’d basically let gordon die LMAO
bubby Does Not consider gordon a friend.

bubby: “i’m scared ):” of big jump. big fucking baby

benrey and bubby playing soccer in the background (: bubby probably likes benrey to an extent. he’s good at getting on gordon’s nerves, which bubby approves of.

bubby: “slap him on the ass.” what if benrey *did* slap him on the ass.

bubby: “hit me again and see what happens.” Damn Okay

bubby has short term memory loss! (so does benrey.)

bubby keeps epi-pens in his pocket? why? just b/c of coomer? caring moments…


darnold’s gay little laugh?? hello???

darnold takes his job very seriously. this is not *soda*, this is not *a fine wine*, this is a potion. please take it seriously.
d: “what do you think mixology *is*, mister?”

darnold downloads torrents of games on his work computer! benrey knows all about that.

Southern Darnold Real

darnold made the powerade!

d: “just put your mouth on it and get to suckin’.”

d: “it’s only supposed to taste like brown! not like green!”

darnold plays a little fast and loose with what his potions are supposed to do, hence gordon regrowing a gun instead of a hand.

darnold and tommy are friends!

d: “i shouldn’t tell you this, but we’re working on an evil flavor.” NEAT. COOL. what kind of evil powerade are we talking here? also, he’s willing to bend the rules for his friends! maybe even b/c he relishes the chance to talk about his work with other people.

darnold’s voice gets deep when he starts talking about DEVIL GUN MODE. neat!

darnold has no desire to get involved in the gunfights. he doesn’t want to handle the violence, and he feels bad that he can’t get involved.

tommy’s worried about darnold and his research…



green sweet voice makes gordon awwwfully complacent. “green means he’s not mean!” it’s a little different from the blue sweet voice, b/c green makes him *obedient*.

none of the others seem to see the skeleton. impossible to tell whether they’re just doing a bit or whether benrey is deliberately making himself invisible to everyone but gordon. the latter is a fun idea - maybe he thinks it’s just a fun game.

they all call gordon stupid LMAO they’re all in agreement that he’s kind of a dumbass

gordon’s so pissed that forzen’s not listening to him and threatens to, and i quote, “blow his back out”??? but forzen’s the only person that’ll listen to him. he has to yell and threaten, but he *listens*. gordon’s so desperate for anybody to listen to him that he’ll take what he can get

forzen: “yeah we were best friends… we *were* best friends.” about benrey

random scientist: “it’s cold in there… you don’t wanna go in naked” HMMMM.
ice skating with the boys (:
g: “maybe i should get into ice skating!”

forzen speaks quebecois french (: he’s also, like, really guttural. (coomer understands french?)

forzen gamer. loves that irate gamer. would defend him with his life

forzen knew that sunkist was tommy’s dog. they must have some kind of history.

sunkist also has sweet voice powers.

supposedly they say something about benrey having a scrapbook.


darnolds cool with the fact that they…like… murdered a bunch of people. Seems like he mostly forgot.

Tommy forgot they were robbing a bank. He thought PayDay was an HR simulator. He’s kind of naive.

Darnold downloaded bacteria into their brains to allow them to communicate telepathically? cool. what if it could be used selectively between party members? or what if they think it can, but something goes awry and people overhear who shouldn’t? what if somebody thinks something that they really didn’t want to be broadcasted?
Gordon can “patch through” to Benrey to talk in private. What if… it was horny…?

THE ORIGIN of gordos freeman

Gordon’s got a sword! very sexy of him tbh

Tommy likes marzipan. Gordon’s never had it before.

“This HEV suit doesn’t work like the old one!” So it lets him take fall damage, and it’s a little *different* from the previous one. How else is it different? maybe this one doesn’t suck him off, either.
"this HEV suit is different" what if it’s b/c it’s a regular fucking suit and gordon is the stupidest doctor alive

Darnold and Tommy both watch Star Trek. Gordon’s never seen it.

okay but what if benrey’s just wearing a really shitty john wick mask from like a halloween popup store and gordon’s so bad at recognizing voices that he doesn’t notice at all.

“gordon hurtin’… please help me” aw buddy

Imagine Benrey being surprised and a little turned on by this cocky, batshit version of Gordon. his breathing going a little shallow when gordon’s got a wild grin on his face and hes mowing down pigs with a minigun… gordon’s like, really on in this one compared to the brief moments when he was like this in the main series.

gordon: haha, get fucked! (pistolwhips)
benrey: :flushed:

g: “you want me to just forget about everything that happened?”
b: “what happened?”
g: “you know. it happened”
b: “uhhhh whatever”

very cute to me how gordon says all this shit almost perfunctorily but he just lets benrey come along so easily and he even tries to figure out how to get him to come along with them. i know this is just in service of moving the game along but it’s nice

spiteful tommy: “i’ve already lost 20$ let’s rob this place”

thinks about boner potion fic idea: "please let me come i’ve never asked before"

what if benrey doesn’t take the mask b/c he thinks its stupid and gordon has to like. wrangle it on to him. that would be cool i think.

guard dog benrey going a little too apeshit and turning on gordon and gordon’s like "turn your aggression somewhere else! its me, benrey, jesus" and benrey slowly coming down off the high of going apeshit to defend him and realizing that he’s like right on top of gordon about to fuck him up

thinks about gordon hopped up on adrenaline (since he seems to be a real adrenaline junkie in this stream) and the only thing that could kick it up a notch is doing something really stupid, like, uhhh, pinning benrey against the wall and kissing the daylights out of him,

g: "i’m tired enough to believe you."
b: "about time."

frenrey bank heist hurt/comfort patch gordon up please

benrey: “are you okay? maybe your brain’s not working too well … your brain’s not fully connected.”

benrey: “we BEAT the game! woooo!”

benrey: “i don’t wanna sit next to this guy.”

benrey tries to set gordon on fire but it clearly doesn’t do much and gordon just laughs at it. it’s not *that* malicious.
“don’t burn gordon!”
he just buzzes gordon with it every once in awhile to tease him/get his goat.

gordon’s cute lil cackles and “hyeah!”s as he’s stabbing ppl… benrey’s laugh is like the most evil thing about him LMAO
b: “let me in! let me in! nghahahaha”

g: “gordon freeman has NO ass no longer”
b: “heh. i’ll say”
he’s really laying the bullying on thick in this one. what if he’s not used to gordon being so friendly (relatively speaking) with him and he’s bullying gordon hard to disguise how much he likes it? (not like this fools the rest of the science team, though. just gordon, b/c he’s stupid.)

tommy’s talking to sonic the hedgehog! he’s real and not a symptom of asbestos poisoning! his, like, woozy, rambling voice is REALLY cute.

b: “classic gordon freeman moments. always taking everything…”

b: “it runs on hatred. for youUuUu!”
g: (bursts out laughing)
neither of them even buy it LMAO but hey you gotta keep up the bit

b: “stop RUSHING me!” whinyyy

the black mesa white house division?! Much To Think About

it smells of tommy??? what the hell does tommy smell like??

b: “i need more hatred. for my flame.” uh huh. sure

g: “yeah, in the ass!”
b: “huh?”
g: “i punched him in the ass.”
b: “…stop fucking around”
interpreting this as benrey being a little shocked/excited that gordon would say something as flat-out Gay as this but disappointed when gordon wasn’t actually saying what he thought gordon was saying. he would like gordon to be a little more gay at him, please

b: “gordonnNN” really big fan of how whiny he is in this one

crafting the AU in my mind where gordon really did save them all at the end and he extends his hand to benrey who is trying really hard to pretend like it wasn’t sick as fuck

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