gordon freeman omorashi

the premise: gordon chugs that 40-gallon drum of potion, right? well, it's gotta go somewhere

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so. you know. after gordon freeman chugs a 40 gallon drum of potions, he makes a comment about not having used the bathroom since he's been at black mesa, and, well. if there's one thing i know how to do it's to take an obvious joke and run with it

imagine having to speedrun through the rest of black mesa b/c gordon's gonna lose it any fucking second thanks to chugging a ludicrous amount of potion. GORDON SPRINT

gordon canonically gets extremely stupid when he's stressed or exhausted so he's probably like, covertly fucking with his suit trying to get it to unlatch and he just gives up and starts pounding on parts of it with his fist. and it turns out it was actually extremely easy, he's just. not smart sometimes

gordon punching on the stomach part, which definitely does NOT help. if anything it just makes it worse.....mumbling "stupid, stupid, stupid gordon" to himself. every time they stop moving he's bouncing in place

keep thinking about the moment when he breaks- he's been taking 'little breaks' for a while periodically, each one increasingly obvious. squirming and rocking and all that, or pacing in frantic little circles. his reasons are always a 'well i'm tired my feet hurt' but like. he's pacing. But this time when he asks for 'a quick break', he's practically dizzy. he's leaning with his forehead on the wall cuz he's burning up, and he's got his fists balled. kinda weakly stamping his feet a little. i love when a man is like 'i've never felt this way before' so!!! he's never felt this way before! if he could he'd totally be gripping his dick like his life depended on it and crossing his legs and he wouldn't even care

but even though he can't, it's still like.......so obvious. no one wants to say anything bc he's also kind of tearing up without realizing and because coomer elbowed bubby when he tried to make fun of him for it

gordon ducks away just to get a little time to himself to try to fuck with his suit some more/generally try to regain his composure, but benrey tags along behind him and follows like he usually does and when he sees gordon, like, squirming and flushed and shifting his weight and sweating like a fucking racehorse and furiously rapping his knuckles against various parts of the codpiece, benrey kind of gives gordon shit about it b/c he assumes that its gordon's suit jacking him off thats making him act like this. at this point he's already heard gordon talk about the suit being able to do that to him, right, so.

but we all know what the deal is. benrey might be stupid, but he's not as stupid as gordon is when gordon's this stressed out, so when gordon's like "do you know how to take off this fucking suit, man," he does know, but he's gonna be an obstinate dick and insist on seeing gordon's passport before he does it.

gordon's, like, mad desperate at this point, and its bleeding through to his voice and making it fuckin pick up and crack a little. and its really obvious that benrey's power-tripping hard. he wont stop fucking staring at him and he's not blinking and he's up in gordon's space like he usually is. he's absolutely convinced that gordon's suits gonna get him off any second, and when gordon loses his composure and starts for-real begging him to help out, benrey's like, whoa. okay. nice.

then when gordon's face wrenches up and he makes an ugly, pained, and deeply embarrassed sound, benrey's like "whoa, okay" but in a totally different way, cuz thats not what he expected. he was expecting, like, something more outwardly "oh my god i just came". then he notices it: theres something trickling down the seams of his HEV suit........and he's like "ohh fuck" and gets genuinely worried/feeling as close to "bad" about it as he can manage and immediately fumbles at the latches of his hip armor to get it off. it takes almost no time at all. too little, too late tho. because its happenin, bud, cant stop it

those vestiges of guilt combine in a really disorienting way with the fact that benrey's.......not really any less turned on that this is happening to gordon. theres wires definitely twisting, what with the state of gordon's face, and his strange noises of both agony and relief, and the flush and the sweat and also the fact that gordon's dick is, uhh, super fucking hard under the glossy material of the undersuit. (turns out the suit was still sucking him off the whole time and thats half the reason why he was Fucking Wrecked.) his brain like blanks out, and gordon squeaks out something, but its just static in his ears and benrey's like "......wha?"

and then like i cant decide if it would be more appealing for them to just have to awkwardly fucking deal with it and furiously jerk off alone later with some incredibly weird thoughts about what just happened, or if something should Actually Happen between them. im really partial to the former tbh. embarrassment and shameful jerkin it after having something Awakened in you is, like, (chefs kiss) to me, alongside the mutual knowledge they have that the other guy was 100% into it but just didnt say anything to try to save themselves face

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