Pavlovian Reflex: rough draft

the bit with gordon blowing benrey in return was like a very last-minute addition from me so theres throwaway line here about it and then i just went off in the final draft. The Process

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up to 5000 words: setting would ideally be a direct continuation of your previous fic. was thinkin it’d be interesting to hear a lil bit of gordon’s pov the day after- waking up next to benrey, sitting up on the mattress and parsing his newfound feelings. some way or another gordon gets it in to his head that he should probably shower before heading back home, and this leads to a scene with benrey and gordon showering together (not entirely sure if this is congruent with the way you’d like to write them, though, so i’m open to input)

this progresses in such a way that leads to, either:
benrey sucking gordon’s dick
or the other way around
and a lil bit of mouthplay

The Day After. serotonins starting to wear off, and gordons feeling Awkward while he waits for benrey to wake up. being left to his own devices gives him too much time to think. he looks himself in the mirror and analyzes his life choices. maybe its not Regret, necessarily, but hes definitely feeling Antsy. things are happening really fast and he has anxiety, okay. (idk how much i wanna elaborate on this in the rough draft b/c if left unchecked i will Ramble and i just wanna get shit Outlined)

theres no coffee in benreys apartment, so gordon resigns himself to an energy drink. like hes back in college. hes stumbling back into his jeans when benrey wakes up and looks at him and he can Tell that gordons getting ready to slip out of his place sight-unseen b/c, uhh, he is. the look on benreys face is dark but unreadable as he asks what gordons doing/where hes going. hes kind of pulling a power move - hes still nude, and completely unashamed of it/not trying to cover anything up. makes gordon swallow hard and try desperately not to look. (he cant help himself, tho.)

(maybe scrap the above? have gordon go to take a shower and have his Staring Into The Mirror Moment there. and benrey just barges in to do his morning routine. gordons flustered, but benrey rightly points out that they just fucked like rabbits so whats his fuckin problem. hes gotta shower too, man. and what was it that gordon said earlier? “its like water. gotta conserve”?)

he sees benreys legs step in behind him as he looks down. somehow, even now, hes still fucking embarrassed to bare so much of himself. its not like benreys, like, Making It Sexual, but at the same time, the sheer anticipation + being squeezed so close together to benrey gets him hard. hes doing his best to ignore it and hoping that benrey will, too, but thats clearly not fucking happening when he turns around and benreys Smirking at him.

then benrey steps forward into his space and looks up at him with one of the most lascivious fucking faces that gordons ever seen and their dicks graze against each other and his breathing goes shallow. then benrey kisses him, and gordons dick twitches against him, and hes laughing against gordons mouth. water beats down around them.

benrey offers to suck his dick, flashing his teeth. thats nervewracking, but fear and arousal meld to give him the best fuckin fear boner hes ever had. its not like he doesnt *trust* benrey, b/c against all reason, he kind of does, But. But.

as a compromise, benrey offers to let him inspect his mouth. he’ll be good. “what do you mean, *inspect* it?” as an answer, benrey opens his mouth and guides gordons fingers to his teeth. and gordon Inspects. he runs his fingers across their sharp edges, noting that theyre not *that* sharp. just… pointier. he pulls benreys cheek out to inspect his gums out of sheer curiosity, and benrey lets him, making a Sound around his fingers.

then gordon starts to probe his tongue, and he works his tongue around his fingers, lapping at the thin webbing between them. and im going to give gordon just as sensitive of hands as i have b/c its my fucking life and i can project onto gordon if i want!!! it makes his knees weak. even more so when benrey closes his mouth around gordons fingers and starts to suck. an imitation of what he *really* wants to do.

gordons this fuckin close to coming right there, just from that. his whole bodys flushed and hes panting. so he abruptly pulls his fingers away, and attempts to convey that, yes, he does trust benrey to suck his dick and he would very much like that please. (hes really fucked up right now, and it shows.)

so benrey drops to his knees and gives him the sloppiest fucking blowjob hes ever gotten. its obscene just how much he likes sucking dick. he lavishes attention on the tip, then seamlessly transitions into deep throating him, his thumb tucked tightly into his fist to suppress his gag reflex. its so goddamn *loud*, gordons irrationally worried that someones going to overhear him over the relentless drum of water.

benrey pulls away to bully him for just standing there doing jack shit. its enough to get gordon to tentatively thread his hand through benreys short hair, then to pull a little when benrey encourages him. benrey starts tugging his own dick while he blows gordon, jerking himself faster and moaning when gordon pulls his hair or thrusts a little. hes really, really into this.

finally, gordons about to come, and he tells benrey as much. benrey pulls off briefly to figure out if gordon wants to finish in his mouth or on his face. hes delirious at the thought of seeing his cum on benreys face. benrey finishes him off, and gordon chokes out his name and pulls his hair so fucking tight (and maybe starts to say something really fucking embarrassing when he does). benreys face is striped with it.

benrey looks up at him with hearts in his eyes and strips his dick so fuckin fast and spills over his hand.

gordon slides down the wall from exhaustion, and benreys deeply, smugly satisfied. some Feelings here - eventually they both stand back up, and gordon feels Some Kind Of Way about benrey with his come all over his face and hair. a combination of satisfaction, possession, and mild anxiety, b/c he was just fucking ruminating over this shit not half an hour ago and hes only enmeshing himself ever deeper into Whatever This Is. but louder than the undercurrent of anxiety is the desire to help clean him off. it just feels like the nice thing to do.

so gordon takes a washcloth to his face, and its benrey turn to be embarrassed but he lets gordon have at it. and he washes benreys hair a little and bitches him out for only having 2-in-1 head and shoulders shampoo. if theres one thing he can use his advanced education for, its explaining why sulfates are bad for your hair to a guy who is absolutely not listening but who likes the feeling of fingernails on his scalp anyway.

i was thinkin about having gordon blow him in return and having an up close and personal dick experience

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