pro wrestling AU

wrestling and costumes and shiny muscles and sexual tension and desperate locker room sex. what else can i say

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im thinking about how fucking butthurt gordon would be at having to be a heel and he sees benrey just fucking eating up all the attention and everybody booing at him and hes leaning into it so hard and gordon gets blisteringly fucking irritable about it. theyre both heels but gordons just mad that benreys better at it than him

goes out there in his bullshit baby slut wrestling outfit and hes already feeling like the world biggest and most embarrassed idiot and then he has to deal with everybody booing him and putting up their fucking signs saying how much he sucks and theyve all  got really funny jokes on them

i want gordon to have a very small but dedicated group of fans that only like him b/c he looks like hes gonna cry every time he hits the ring.....but he doesnt know that they like him b/c hes pathetic. so he gets genuinely heartened to see the one sign in the crowd telling him that he rules

but..........i think he can turn it all around.........if he gets into tag team wrestling. or, more specifically, gets suckered into being teamed up with the one guy he really cannot fucking stand b/c hes got a fuckin contract to fulfill and he cant really be choose-y as the New Guy. i just think it would make sense! as a gimmick!! producers leaning hard into gordons perceived bitch status and pairing him up with his polar opposite in the ring!!! like being suckered into being the straight man of a comedy duo except a lot more personally embarrassing!!!!

what if he didnt even have to wear that obscene baby slut outfit until they got teamed up with each other and they wanted him to match benreys. b/c they literally fucking match in this godawful WWE game. and the one he picked out for himself was equally humiliating but in a wildly different fashion

like. what if he wanted his gimmick to be "science guy.......with a twist" and so he shows up in a lab coat with the sleeves ripped off and also for some reason he decided to wear a fucking hat like the guy from jamiroquai

anyway . i just think. it would be cool.......if benrey......taught him how to lean into being an asshole for the drama of it by just continuing to do his own thing and shoving gordon into the spotlight with him. it feels less fuckin personal when its two of them thatre being booed! and benreys heel persona - aggressively flirty and campy and leaning very hard into the stereotype of the flaming homosexual - is so much different from his like......flat affect, dead-eyed look and bored tone in "real life" that gordon starts figuring out that theyre not really booing him, theyre booing a character

and gordon starts figuring out how to get cocky! and he starts eating that shit up and getting into the role! he starts to feel the fuckin high of performing with somebody in a super physical environment and it finally just Clicks for him and their chemistry goes off the charts and the crowd is so hyped up and engaged b/c of him, b/c of them

i just think its fucking cool. okay. wrestling is intensely physical and involves a lot more one-on-one contact than most other sports. hot, sweaty and thick gordon with his arms wrapped around benreys throat and wrestling him to the ground......benrey slipping out of his grip and reversing it and forcing him to his stomach, sitting on his back with a bicep wrapped around his throat, waiting for gordon to submit.......its dope! whats fuckign wrong with that!!!

and its, yknow, its really fucking cool when theyre bending each others legs back too. like in that one screenshot. the stretch and burn of the muscle.....benrey pushing just a little too far and smirking down at him just to see how gordon will react......the feeling of being bent like that and exposed by a guy hes been having wayyy too many weird feelings about lately......gordon probably never jerks off so fucking good as he does immediately after a match with benrey, riding the endorphin high of a good performance and a good workout

think about it! all the intimate touching meant to be aggressive.....yelling at him while in kayfabe. grappling and throwing him. touching and being touched. ACCIDENTAL RING BONERS. just.....all that sexual tension coming to a head after months of working together and of benreys glances in the locker room getting more and more blatant. months of benrey blandly commenting on his form while twisting his arm back or hooking an arm under his thigh to bend it up to his chest

sometimes its so intense that gordon swears theyre going to fuck right there in the ring in front of god and everyone. them breaking kayfabe in ring and nobody realizing it.....basically flirting and aggressively bantering and having a good time and they know they personally are going off script but they dont know if the other is. and theyre both showing their horny ass in public in front of thousands of spectators

and then on the eve of the best performance theyve ever had, gordons feeling incredible. a little fucking bounce to his step. and benreys trying really fucking hard to sound nonchalant when he tells gordon he did good out there, but its not easy for him, either......hes got to spend all this time with a guy thats thicker than molasses and a whole head taller than him and whos frequently wrapping his thighs around benreys head for the sake of the sport. who he swears is down to fuck but wont ever make a move in return

and.....maybe its the first time benreys ever said such an earnest compliment to him. maybe it goes right to gordons head, makes him flush and prickle all the way to his ears. and they hit the showers but gordon cant get it out of his head. keeps glancing over to benrey across the way, letting himself look for once. letting himself really think about it

and then he gets rimmed and fucked in the locker rooms i dont know. this is the part where i chicken out every time nowadays. Tried My Best

anyway heres to gordon freeman getting fucked in the locker room

i was thinkin about it this morning and while my initial thoughts were fun......ive Developed them. specifically: benreys whole thing is playing along, right? he plays the role that gordon wants him to. he literally becomes the heel of hlvrai b/c gordon wanted him to be. so like.....i think thats a good angle to tackle a wrestling AU from: benreys still the heel. b/c of course he is, but hes the one trying to play up his role and sell gordons moves and get him over. thats his job, right? and if theres one thing that benrey takes seriously (and only one thing), its his job. but what if......gordons a face, and not just that, but one who really lets his ego get in the way of his performance. he wants to be the Good Guy(tm). he wants to be popular. he wants to be liked. he wants to win. and he thinks its totally fucking bullshit that he has to play along with a clown like benrey who has a stupid fucking gimmick and stupid fucking moves aand theyre clearly not on the same level, right? (says the guy whos like mid-card.)

gordons too stiff when hes going up against guys like benrey. he wont sell the moves, he hits too hard, he doesnt play nice. he gets a little bloodthirsty, mayhap, but in like a pg-13 sense. the point being, he wouldnt mind so much if maybe benrey got a little too roughed up and had to sit out for a few matches. b/c the guy fucking sucks, first of all. but not only that.......gordons really fucking sore about the fact that the crowd likes benrey. they cheer for benrey more than they do him! its literally not fair, okay. hes taller, stronger, hes got better hair, hes got better moves.....he feels like he should be a shoo-in, popularity-wise, but somethings just not clicking. and hes salty as all hell about it

but, yknow, uhhh, benreys taking some really painful hits like theyre......basically nothing. he shrugs off headshots and chokeholds. its weird how much abuse benreys able to take and stll just wipe the blood off his face and hit gordon with that shitty, lazy little smirk of his. its like he doesnt even care. and that only gets gordon even more pissed off

and then.....maybe one day......gordon throws a shit fit to the suits. bitches that hes sick of being the one getting benrey over and hes sick of the guys attitude! when does he get a good storyline? when does he stop being the jobber?

and thats how gordon ends up on the shitlist and gets shoved into a C-tier tag team partnership with the very guy who he cant stand. you dont like what you got? okay, youre gonna be in the fucking laughingstock of tag teams now. have fun, bitch

i think gordon should be more popular as benreys partner than he ever was before. and hes got such mixed feelings bc 1. hes popular! he deserves that! 2. its as benreys fucking tag team partner. 

i really really like incorporating an aspect of jealousy into their i feel like if gordon had any idea how popular benrey was on a meta level, WRT hlvrai proper, he would shit himself. theres no way he wouldnt be so fucking mad

benrey gets all the merch. everyone wants benreys signature. benrey gets action figure and plushie. gordon gets a poster where they photoshopped his glasses on for some reason

theyre at a fan event and benreys got a Line. gordon gets like one really earnest guy who obviously likes gordon because gordon is pathetic but gordon doesnt even realize that (im the guy)

benrey gets his own chef boyardee commercial and gordons so fucking angry about it b/c HE wanted to be the chef boyardee spokesperson

you know i think he DOES have a fanbase. but the reasons they like him and they reasons he THINKS they like him are different. like gordon would be wildly popular with the milf demographic i think. they love his shiny tits

"Coming down to the ring, weighing in at 250 pounds, it’s Gordon “The Babyslut” Freeman!!"

the announcer should say that but gordon has no idea its gonna happen ahead of time. he just like really dramatically headturns and gapes on stage

gordon wants to get in arguments and be evil sooooo bad but he CANT because hes supposed to be a face. he like goes to start something with the announcer and then just does a 180 turn and pouts at his corner......gordon half-grimacing half-smiling on stage b/c he needs to keep his cool but he wants to kill benrey soooo bad and everybody watching him can totally tell

benrey needs to teach him to be a heel so they can be a heel tag team. i think.

anyway the point of all this is much the same as in the original AU. gordon is forced to work together with him and learns to be a better wrestler and the increased proximity + having to work on their sets together means a lot more bonding opportunities.......a lot more tension......

they still have kind of a goldust + booker t deal where benreys flirting with him/making suggestive comments when they do promos and stuff, and (like goldust) a lot of it comes across as just being awkward and bad at talking like a normal person. and gordon gets all heated up and embarrassed/angry about it, which is, you know, what hes intended to do as his role, but he is also genuinely shocked and embarrassed by it out of character (which really helps sell his role). like......literally the audacity, to him, of being flirted with by a dude! and its not necessarily audacious in a bad way - hes probably been flirted with by a few guys before, being, you know, a pro wrestler, but hes also kind of awkward and self-obsessed and probably either A) straight up failed to process it and loudly said "I Have To Go Now" or B) failed to recognize it as flirting in the first place, due to his "straight boy" goggles and poor self-esteem

a guy at the gym looks you up and down and comments positively on your form? thats just guys being dudes. benrey looks him up and down, on camera, where gordon has been instructed that benrey is flirting with him and his role is to be the straight man, in both senses of the word? thats different. its different for a lot of reasons and all the reasons are jumbled up with each other.

one: he cant fucking stand benrey. gordon literally cannot stop thinking about how annoying he is. "wheres benrey?" is his catch phrase, b/c when benreys out of his sight hes usually causing problems.

two: he actually kind of likes it. its not so much benrey himself, he thinks, as it is the sheer novelty of being aware that another adult male is hitting on him. it feels.....exciting. taboo. and he gets to experience it a lot now.

three: sometimes its really hard to know when benrey is breaking kayfabe or not. when benreys the one looking him up and down and commenting on his form, he doesnt know how much of it is the character. its very confusing, okay

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