gordon smokes grass and eats ass

the long-awaited ASMR: Part 4 draft. this needed a lot of work to get where it needed to be.

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[3.5-4k weed smokey fic. commissioned from a friend.]

> I already knew for sure I wanted to see some content w/ them smoking and drinking. getting a lil crossfade going on. maybe a lil more sweet voice experimentation. real hedonistic.
I also think the idea they brought up of gordon having a hand kink is really fucking cute so I kinda wanna incorporate that too...

> so here's my idea.
this is another continuation of the 'asmr' saga. gordon's probably warming up to benrey a little at this point. gordon gets invited over for some more videogames or Netflix n Chill nd whatever. gordon's like yeah okay sure. imma pick up a 6 pack and make this a Party, Baby. haven't gone HOG WILD since the whole Resonance Cascade thing and he could use some stress relief.
so gordon gets the goods and heads over to benrey's place, benrey's got The Weed and gordon's like. ok sure. who knows when the last time I partied was? lets have a lil fun with it

> some way or another I'd like this to progress to gordon being fixated on benrey's hands. strikes me as the type of guy who's had a pretty vanilla sex life up until now, so maybe he hadn't realized how sensitive his hands were until they were in the shower together, and that's got him Thinking.
gordon makes a move, experimentally running a thumb over benrey's sensitive palm, etc. I trust you to write this part
benrey bullies him for 'holding hands' bc Gay but he's totally in to it, too.

> and where does it go from here? I dunno, what do you think?

im also a really big fan of the hands fixation thing. for obvious reasons im sure
since benreys Big in my lil corner of the hlvrai fandom im thinking about like, gordon being fixated on how his hands are a little smaller than benreys......and how hes surprisingly adept at rolling joints. he could just watch that shit all day.

now heres a thought: playing with benreys hands while benreys just......vaguely confused about whats going on, since its just kind of Gay of gordon without any real purpose. like it feels Nice, and theres some serious fuckin sexual tension in the air, but his hands are just kind of average in the sensitivity department. im thinking he does some dumb jokey thing turning the tables on gordon by pretending to give him a palm reading, except he clearly doesnt know what hes talking about and hes just making shit up to get gordons goat. but then he notices gordon having a Reaction to his fingers being messed with and his palm being stroked and hes like, oh. Oh. Gears Clicking.

while gordon thinks hes suave as shit and isnt letting any of this get to him (hes 100% not suave as shit tho.), b/c thats fucking Weird, right? hes never noticed how sensitive his hands were before That Fateful Day and he thinks it would be slightly insane of him to have a horny reaction to this. anyway tl;dr benrey latches onto this like an evil little lamprey and he wants to see just how bad he can get gordon fucked up from messing with his hands and not letting him wiggle out of it. maybe even physically??? like straddling him to keep him in place. could get a lil roughhouse-y too.

tl;dr again: benreys mean as shit and tries to get gordon to come in his pants just from having his hands played with/mouthed (maybe he does, even???) and gordons losing his Entire Fucking Mind b/c never in his wildest dreams did he envision "being bullied and physically restrained into letting somebody make him come untouched" as something that he was into. and benreys a power-tripping little fucker, too, so in a way its like revenge for all the ways gordons been jerking him around lately. (except, you know, a sexy kind of revenge that they are both 100% hot for.)

so like........at the point that i write this it will have been like 20k words of fucking and not talking about feelings and i think one thing gordon freeman would definitely do after smoking a blunt and getting 3 beers deep is word vomit a bunch of deeply repressed emotions
but not necessarily nice ones

more like a bunch of repressed shit about how pissed off he is that benrey got his arm cut off and tried to kill him and then jerked off at him and now theyre having sex, or something, and he keeps having emotional whiplash from being like "oh god i dont think this is a good idea. wait no its okay actually b/c of all the post-coital endorphins. wait no im anxious again and this fucking sucks" and he just lets it all the fuck out

i dont really go for melodrama so im not envisioning this as like, soap opera shit, just a dude popping off for the first time in ages and and that makes benrey all fuckin defensive. and theyre just arguing past each other until benrey gets, like, for real upset that gordons acting like he doesnt give a shit and hates his guts or whatever and hes like........okay man if you really dont wanna do this shit then the doors right there. dont have to be all fuckin mean n shit about it. and gordons like......kind of taken aback that it would just be that easy? like he really could just stop playing this game with benrey the whole time. but he elects to keep doing it because..............well.

thats a whole can of worms that even hes not fully prepared to tackle right now, but the long and short of it is that despite everything, he kind of does actually like benrey and he doesnt actually want to stop. so he mumbles something to the effect and benreys like "okay jesus. now will you smoke some more weed and calm down maybe. big fuckin baby" and gordon freeman actually does smoke some more weed and calm down.

and then they get a little more gay after gordons said his piece and feels like he wants to die of embarrassment in retrospect.

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