talking about tommy

i think its fun to read too much into how tommy acts towards gordon so here we are

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so like right from the jump, tommy reads as a, like, naive and good-mannered person. and, you know, he is a little naive! he gets bought out with fucking beyblades. but hes also very insistent that he knows what hes doing a lot of the time, even when gordon is being condescending as all shit and implying that hes a child. (see: the line where hes like “im not playing in the water! im testing the viscosity!”) and im inclined to take that at face value - presumably you dont get hired at black mesa without at least being on the level of, you know, a 27 yr old fresh out of MIT, like gordon freeman

and in that light, i think its really easy to read a lot of tommys behavior as straight up passive-aggressive/condescending towards gordon. gordons like, a decade younger than him, and hes going around cracking jokes about how tommys basically two kids in a trenchcoat. like, some examples:

anyway the point i am getting at here is that its not like wildly inaccurate to read him as just wanting some fucking respect. gordons really, really bossy and talks down to them a lot and sometimes literally talks to tommy like hes a dog. id think that just about anybody would get fed up with that

in that vein, please consider: tommy finally getting stern and reminding gordon that he is a 37 year old with a goddamn doctorate (maybe even multiple!) and that its dr coolatta, thank you. sure, he might like gordon, and they might be friendly towards each other, but gordon ought to show some fuckin respect for once instead of being so demeaning all the time. and, you know, gordon having a really embarrassing reaction to being put in his place for once

some other tidbits that dont really go along with this but that i feel compelled to point out anyway

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