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rough draft of One-Sided Limit. u know what this shit is man

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[2.5k to 5k words: frenrey piss fic commission. bathroom control + benrey all fuckin pressed up against gordon while gordon has to piss and he will not let up]

> the idea: “bathroom control. not even inherently sexual but just. maybe benrey gets curious after livin with gordon and is like "ok what if you can only piss when i say you can haha unless? for a day or smth" and at first he let's him go but it's fucking Embarrassing. and also ups his liquid intake so he has to ask more. sometimes he says no and gives him permission. sometimes it's a no til he's gonna explode then lets him go. or. yknow. Yknow. just that Normal interest in human limits.”

> like im.. also thinking about mutual jerkoff/frottage after gordon fuckin pisses himself bc hes just that desperate and embarrassed afterwards.......... much 2 think about...........

could take place in the ASMR universe. (god what is even this fucking SENTENCE lma0) gordon goes over to benreys apartment, ostensibly just to hang out. unfortunately for him, benreys been in a Mood - hes been spending a lot of time around gordon lately, and hes getting more and more weirded out by all the shit he sees gordon get up to. like, hes a human, and he does human things, and benreys just not used to it.

he gets bored when gordon passes out on his couch after not being able to sleep the previous night. he gets embarrassed and irritable when he burns a frozen pizza and gordon has to order take out. and hes absolutely fucking baffled when he walks in on gordon taking a piss and gordon gets, like, Mad-Mad. *its like the same shit as last time, right? why does he care so fucking much. lil’ baby. its nothin’ he hasnt seen before.*

so he keeps his eyes on gordon, trying to puzzle him out. watches him eat. watches him sleep. tries to push him to stay up later, until hes nearly incoherent from it. pushes his limits. it goes straight to benreys head. he likes pushing, b/c gordon just kind of lets him. he gets gordon to do some fuckin calisthenics or whatever and *physically* pushes gordon into all kinds of uncomfortable positions until hes nearly begging for benrey to stop (and getting uncomfortably flustered afterwards. you could cut the tension with a knife). every time benrey pushes, that electric tension between them grows.

finally, benreys water gets cut off b/c he forgot to pay the bill. (he doesnt know how to juggle all this normie shit very well. gordon looks at him like hes the dumbest motherfucker on earth.) he sees an opportunity, and makes sure his fridge is stocked with loads of drinks before gordon comes over. hes going to Push. he offers gordon drinks even when its not strictly necessary. (he has, miraculously, drawn that connection.)

when gordon first expresses the need to use the bathroom, benrey bullies him, calling him a little bitch. cant he just hold it? theyre gonna have to walk to the fuckin laundromat or something if he wants to piss anyway. gordon points out that he could just go by himself, or go behind a bush or something, and benrey gets irritable about it. yeah he could go himself, but what if he gets lost. (maybe have him getting lost earlier and use it to bully him?) what, hes gonna piss in a bush like a dog? fuckin gross. nasty ass. (”didnt you get your mattress out of a dumpster?” “yeah… and. it was a clean dumpster. you coulda lived in it.”)

gordon argues, but somehow all of his arguments bounce harmlessly off of benrey. like arguing with a brick wall designed to piss him off as much as possible. something about it just makes his brain shut off and hes like, “okay. fuck it. this isnt worth it.” its not like he has to go *that* bad, so he just keeps playing street fighter. but eventually it gets bad enough that hes *gonna* have to ask. why is benrey making him fucking ask???

he stammers something, but benrey just makes fun of him and tells him to use all his smart boy words. its so fucking embarrassing. but eventually, he manages to get it out, despite the humiliation and anger burning him up. the tension gets even thicker - benreys clearly enjoying this, and theres some weird, weird wires getting crossed in gordons brain. he can feel his face burn. benrey relents quickly and walks him to the laundromat. theres something so goddamn weird about this, almost dream-like. is he dissociating??? (he doesnt know this word, but yes, he is.)

he has to go again not much later. this time, benrey draws it out. tells him “no”. gordons even more irritated by this, and hotly insists that hes not gonna fuckin beg to go to the bathroom. benrey looks at him for a long moment, then asks why not. “why *not*?!” this sparks an argument that ends with gordon reluctantly telling benrey “please”. hes going to fucking die.

the last time, benrey keeps telling him no. and no again. he wants to see how far gordon can go. how far he can push it. he likes pushing gordon, testing his limits. benrey communicates this in his usual dipshitted fashion, and it stuns gordon, b/c he hadnt pieced that together at all. now all the weird ways benrey was testing his limits before seem glaringly obvious.

and awareness slowly dawns on gordon that hes going to have to beg. he could have ended this game a long while ago and just taken care of business in an alley outside. it would have been weird and kind of gross, but it was always a possibility. but for whatever fucking reason, he played along, b/c some sick part of him is into this shit. he liked the heat and sweat that prickled under his collar when benrey made him ask. he liked the electricity that crackled between them every time benrey looked at him, like, really Looked at him. observing him. watching him squirm. humiliation hits him afresh.

eventually, he really, really cant hold it any more. dread dawns upon him. he crosses his legs impatiently, and spits out, “okay, fucking, fine, please, can we go? this isnt funny anymore.” but benrey deliberates a long while before he says to gordon, “nahh. try harder.” hes so stressed out. hes gotta piss, hes got a raging boner, and hes hoping against hope for benrey not to notice that last thing. unfortunately, benrey totally does.

“knew you liked this shit, knew you were some kind of fuckin freak, freeman,” benrey leers at him. he crowds gordon up against the wall. gordons gonna fucking lose it and its so fucking embarrassing and desperation bleeds into his voice as he honest to god pleads benrey to let him go. but he doesnt. he just presses forward, presses his thigh between gordons. gordons gonna die. hes gonna die b/c he didnt want to stop playing this stupid fucking game and now hes this close to both pissing and coming in his pants (even though he doesnt know if either one is even possible at this point, what with his bladder/boner situation). gordon feels like hes gonna explode.

benrey buries his face near the junction of gordons neck and inhales deeply, open-mouthed like a cat. says he smells good. all sweat and desperation. gordons pulse skyrockets. he wants benrey to press a little closer so goddamn bad, open his mouth and bite the cords of his neck. but he cant ask for that. he cant openly acknowledge that this is what it is - a deeply, inherently erotic situation. benrey presses his palm against gordons stomach, near his bladder, and gordon chokes and gasps and begs and his fingers scrabble against the wall behind him as that dam starts to break.

it starts slow, and the noise gordon makes is so, so ugly and high and embarrassed. benreys eyes flicker down to the wet stain bleeding through his pants, and he grins, baring teeth and gums. he presses harder, crushing gordon against the wall. its agonizing, slowly letting go b/c he physically cant let it out any faster, and his boners smashed between his body and benreys and another hot rush of embarrassment crashes over him as he realizes that hes making benrey a fucking mess, too. but benrey just keeps him trapped there. pushes harder. makes him stammer and choke and beg as he wets himself like a little bitch.

when alls said and done, gordons still raging hard, and hes got his face buried in his hands and he cant breathe right and he wants the floor to open underneath him and swallow him whole. but benrey doesnt seem to be grossed out - in fact, his eyes are wild, and he rocks against gordon, tongue lolling out of his mouth. gordon looks so good like this, sounds so good like this. hes a total fucking mess and benreys consumed by the urge to rail him into the ground. but theyre both too desperate to fuck around with all the formalities, and benrey just grinds them together while gordon tries and fails to process everything thats happening.

gordons shaking hands claw at his shoulders and his neck as benrey first ruts against them, then shoves both their pants down to get their dicks out. gordons so fucked, he still wants to die, he wants to evaporate, but he doesnt want benrey to stop. he turns his face away until benrey grabs his jaw and makes him look at him. that, somehow, makes him come right then and there, and benreys not far behind.

Holy God In Heaven How Do I End This Thing

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