benrey omorashi

benrey becomes human for the first time and has to deal with all that entails. more specifically, how to not piss himself (or die trying)

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maybe after the events of black mesa, after benrey gets "killed", he becomes, like, a normal human. experiencing human things for the first time

(are u thinking about that episode where Q becomes a human? are u gratuitously repurposing the idea of a quasi-eldritch being becoming human for the first time? Yes And)

and benreys used to drinking sodas just for fun, but he has no idea what in the fuck all these other human physiological feelings are, and he thinks hes dying basically every time he experiences one and gordon keeps having to be like "no dude. you arent dying. you just have to take a piss" and benreys like "what. how" and gordons like "what the fuck, im not explaining that to you!" and tells him that hes sure that once it gets bad enough, benrey will figure it out. on his own

but benrey doesnt have very good control over his human form (and hes got a little performance anxiety, so what) so hes just. sitting there as his issue gets worse and worse and he starts squirming and sweating and gordons trying so fucking hard not to pay attention to this b/c he didnt even want benrey to come over, but he just showed up and insisted that they play some sniper elite together, and, well, gordons always been bad at making benrey listen to him so hes still there, and hes pulling this shit here, and gordons embarrassed as shit and super confused b/c benreys really fucking cute when hes strung out like this and no amount of telling himself that its insanely weird to be turned on by your "friend" desperately needing to take a piss is stopping it from actually happening

and he just doesnt know man, benreys never done this before, he just wants some help figuring this stuff out, and theyre both involved in the weirdest game of chicken imaginable b/c gordons trying to pretend like hes not rockin half a chub at the sight of benrey flushed and squirming and benreys trying to pretend like hes fine and he doesnt need any help from gordon fuckin freeman, its whatever to him, he doesnt care. but then they both look at each other by accident (b/c theyre trying so hard not to have the other one notice that theyre looking) and gordons face is red, too, and when he bolts upright and says "i need a drink, like, right now", his boner is just literally right there. benrey can see it. he sees it tenting the front of his pants as gordon powerwalks to the kitchen and, well, he wasnt horny before, b/c he didnt know this was a horny situation, but now his brain is full of static as he realizes that it is one

tl;dr it gets bad enough that benrey starts, like, for-real asking for help, b/c he doesnt know whats gonna happen but he can feel somethings about to happen and, like, what if he dies? is gordon just gonna let him die like this, bro? gordons stammering and trying to explain that hes not gonne die, you cant die from that kind of thing, probably, but hes not gonna help b/c thats weird, man, just go to the bathroom and figure it out, but he tried and he doesnt know what hes doing wrong and his voice is starting to tremble from how how desperately hes begging for gordon to cut his shit out and Help Him. and everything about this situation is so weird but the way benreys begging gordon is doing hellish things to his mind, b/c hes a power-tripping fucker at his core, and its going right to gordons head

and then. and then. benreys pleading with him and hes got his fingers digging into his thighs and his leg is jittering and hes like, scooting closer to gordon, hes so insistent, and the weird thing is that the harder he begs, the more it turns him on, too. he really needs the help, but also, it has firmly lodged itself as a Sex Thing in his mind, and hes getting more and more aroused the more and more he asks and gordon keeps telling him no. he likes asking. he likes when gordon draws it out, makes him beg harder for it.

and at a certain point, a switch in gordons brain flips, and he comes to the conclusion that, yes, he would help benrey, b/c when push comes to shove he doesnt want the guy to literally piss himself. he didnt think it was gonna get that bad before benrey figured it out. but benrey keeps inching closer, until hes right up in gordons personal space on his couch, and hes asking so nicely that gordon doesnt want him to stop yet. and, god, benreys hard in his sweatpants, too, and hes sweating so badly and his eyes are wild and hes starting to clamber on top of gordon out of desperation

and its only when benrey winches his eyes shut and moans and presses their foreheads together after gordon tells him hes not going to help one last time that gordon clues into the fact that its a Sex Thing for benrey, too. (hes really, really stupid.) and he finally takes pity on him and tells benrey that hell help him figure it out and benreys just spitting out "thank yous" like thick black fucking exhaust and its practically choking gordon from just how hot that gets him

i really got the mental image of gordon grabbing benreys dick trying to help him piss but benrey is simultaneously groaning like hes going to die but also about to cum because gordon is holding his dick and his hands are like, really fucking nice. theyre kind of calloused and his thumb is rubbing over his head and it makes benrey feel like hes about to burst

and gordons like. behind him,. pressed against his back. the hand reached around to guide his dick. and gordon knows this is the most insanely weird thing he has ever done in his life, but hes also so hard from it he could fuck a hole through concrete and thats taking precedence. and gordons right next to his ear, his voice shaky and quiet as he tries to tell benrey what in the fuck to do, but hes never really had to communicate this to another person before so hes kind of stumbling and stammering and he thinks he sounds so fucking stupid but benreys just processing it as straight up dirty talk. because. why wouldnt he right now

and when benrey finally figures it out, hes fucking gasping and panting and moaning from relief and its the hottest thing gordons ever heard even though everything else about this scenario is so surreal it makes his head spin

and then. and then. hes done. but gordon doesnt take his hand off his dick. he just. gives it a couple perfunctory shakes, to demonstrate, you know, and then. he starts. stroking. because benreys still painfully hard in his grip

and the whole time benreys like, woozy from relief, sagging back against gordon, his voice wrecked as he keeps repeating "thank you? thank you? please?" and gordons fucking crazed with it, hes stammering more shit into benreys ear, telling him that hes doing great, gordons got him, etc etc im NOT fucking going to ELABORATE right now but. hes jerking benrey off and benreys legs are shaking and his ass feels so, so good where its pressed against gordons hard-on and then benreys coming into his hand with a whine

gordons, like, so fucked up right now, seeing come spill over his hand, and hes initially like, no. im not gonna get off to this. im gonna wash my hands and pretend i am not horny and wait for my boner to go down. but benreys like.....wuhhh......arent u gonna do something about that? and hes so blissed out and grateful that hes like, "let benrey help you maybe? please?" and he gets down on his knees and starts mouthing gordon through his trousers and gives gordon a truly phenomenal blowjob b/c hes just so grateful and hes basically just lived his fucking dreams and gotten gordon to touch his dick and hes desperate to return the favor

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