crossover: HL gordon/VR gordon

what if: HL gordon and VR gordon were in the same universe. just a thought exercise. one where VR gordon gets dommed all to hell

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first i started thinkin about HL gordon being way more physically aggro than hlvrai gordon b/c of how much more he has to use his crowbar to smash his environment……..compared to hlvrai gordon who is kind of a little baby bitch and makes the science crew do most of the fighting and smashing for him

then i thought about the two of the comparing, like, scars and battle wounds and shit, when hlvrai gordon starts shit and says “check out this scar i got tho! kinda gnarly, huh?” and he shows off his right arm and in response HL gordon just. silently takes off his shirt/suit/whatever in the fuck and hlvrai gordons just like (looking loudly) cuz after all the running around and fighting hes been doing, mans is shredded

HL gordon doesnt even have to say anything to communicate the depths of the shit hes been thru and its kind of humbling for hlvrai gordon, who is perpetually bitching about the shit he went thru and how terrible everything is. and, like, well, hes not wrong, but he kind of forgets that his experiences are not universal and that other people go through shit of their own, too. and sometimes its worse shit. like “wake up 20 years later in a dystopian police state” worse. but its not like HL gordons gonna rub it in, cuz the silence does that enough for him

consider: HL gordon being extremely quiet but one of the few things he says out loud is when he gets up real close to hlvrai gordon and mutters something right in his ear, too quiet for anyone else to hear, about how he wants to put something other than words in hlvrai gordons mouth for once,,

hlvrai gordon goes from “normal” to “beet red and half hard” in literal seconds 

also thinking about the alternate scenario to the cucking thing where both hlvrai gordon and benrey have weird little crushes on both HL gordon and each other and theyre being insane little bitches about it b/c “what is open and honest emotional communication???” they dont know 

HL gordon has no idea this is going on. he thinks theyre just both being really nice to him for some reason. 

now like…….HL gordon probably isnt a super mean guy. probably has a considerable amount of patience. but hlvrai gordon is loud, and neurotic, and bossy, and theres really only so much of that a guy can take before hes gotta say something about it. or, if youre a guy who almost never speaks, you put a hand on his shoulder and give him the stormiest fucking glare hes ever seen. he doesnt even have to say a word to put gordon in his place.

also consider the imagery of HL gordon pushing his crowbar up under hlvrai gordons chin to tilt it up and make him look him right in the eyes. thats all it takes. probably makes the dude clam up and go beet fuckin red again. hlvrai gordons a huge brat and what better brat tamer than a dude who just wordlessly does not take any shit

thinking about them having to sneak past somewhere quietly but hlvrai gordons still running his mouth and bitching and HL gordon gets fed up with his shit and just. grabs his jaw. puts his index finger up to hlvrai gordons lips. glares. and hlvrai gordon just squeaks out a lil “yessir” before doing as hes told and keeping quiet

and then. him keeping his word and being quiet the whole time after saying “yessir” like that. and HL gordon takes that to mean that hell keep his word any time he says “yes sir”. so when HL gordon gestures for him to follow closely behind as theyre exploring, hlvrai gordons jokingly like “haha yes sir” and HL gordon gives him a smile and claps his shoulder and whoa was it always this hot in here?? haha weird

like. hl gordon saving vr gordon from some life threatening situation he walked his dumb ass into and vr gordon being like (flushed) (flushed) (flushed)

and of course my favorite thing in the whole world: the furious jack-off session when hlvrai gordons alone at night, simultaneously horny and wracked with guilt b/c hes pretty sure that jerking it to the thought of yourself from the future in some alternate timeline bossing you around is, like, illegal, or if not illegal then at least 5 different types of immoral (but it doesnt stop him from thinking about HL gordon pinning him up against a wall and making him beg anyway)

anyway those are the thoughts. Good bye

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